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People are seen on the sidewalk of Foremaster Lane in Las Vegas on Jan. 19, 2020. (FOX5)

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Days after a chaotic protest over the street sleeping ban in Las Vegas, city officials have released details about how they will keep track of the number of shelter beds available.

Starting Feb. 1, the city will send a mass email or text message to all the local shelters at 6 p.m. The email will have a link for shelters to click on and update the number of beds they have available.

“We just look at it every hour, we update it, based on what we have available so it’s an accurate amount of beds available for our clients that are out there on the streets,” said Robert Dawson, vice president of operations at Catholic Charities, the largest shelter in Las Vegas. 

The bed count will be sent out to city staff and law enforcement. 

“It’s a little extra staffing piece for us because we have to do a poll of what we have available and going through and looking and see every hour, so it’s a little bit of extra work for us,” Dawason said.

The text messages will go out every two hours until 4 a.m. or until all the shelters are full for the night. 

“We honestly, it’s too early in the process to really get an idea of whether it’s going to help or not, but were here to do our part, whatever that looks like,” said Dawson.

Dawson said the number of available beds at Catholic Charities varies, but for the most part the shelter is near or at capacity every night.

City officials met with Dawson Wednesday to discuss the possibility of a link for the general public to access shelter bed availability.

Available beds can be seen on the city's website here

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Who cares about the homeless. They are worthless. It was their mistake so they pay for it. Cities shouldn't have to take care of all the wacko's. Well maybe take them miles from the city, in the desert, and put up a bunch of tents. Give them just enough water and food. Let them survive there instead of stinking up the city.

Pepcon Survivor 86

Here’s a interesting question brought up by the homeless, Why does the City of Las Vegas have lots of money to build a football stadium aka Raiders and also build a baseball stadium when there already exists a baseball stadium called Cashman field and yet have no money to help with the homeless problem??? Well it seems like Vegas doesn’t have priorities straight anymore.


The homeless actually have enough brain to question something? Raiders built the stadium too. The money spent to build those places comes back in revenue. Wasn't sure if you knew that. Does money come back from the useless? NOOOOOOO!!!!


I believe those are Clark County expenditures. But point taken. I also think that all the mega rich, big mouth Hollywierd liberals should be putting their money where their mouths are.

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