A quiet neighborhood near Rainbow Boulevard and Sahara Avenue might not be too quiet for much longer, with a lion and panther moving in.

"It was so loud when the animals would roar, it would literally shake the windows, " Heather Vanek said.

Vanek said she lives right next door to where the animals will be living. Her neighbors are the Fercos Brothers. The Fercos's have a traveling magic show and their big cats used to be a part of their routine, but the cats have since retired. The animals were born in the home on Montessouri and lived there for years until the Fercos's permit to have their animals in their backyard was denied. However, recently, the city council approved their permit so the big cats could move back.

"It's just really frightening," Heather Vanek said. "The park is right there, my backyard is right here. A lot of neighbors are concerned about having lions across the street from a park where children play."

The Fercos's property backs up to Rainbow Park, and their home is surrounded by neighbors. The reason neighbors are wary is because in 2009 the Fercos's tiger got loose in North Las Vegas, no one was hurt but neighbors said it was still scary.

"The lion got loose one time, they were walking it on a leash, but understand nothing happened," city councilwoman Michele Fiore said.

Fiore supported the move to reinstate the Fercos's permit. She said it was the right thing to do.

"These lions were their first, before the park was built, before all of these people moved in. They were there first," she said.

Fiore said these animals are sick and old. After the city denied their permit, the Fercos's were forced to move their animals to Pahrump. Fiore said that's been hard on the animals and their owners.

"They came and pleaded with us to please let them bring their lions home so [the animals] can die at home. This is not a new permit for them to get any more animals or get new cubs."

The Fercos Brothers would be moving a 10-year-old lion, and a 20-year-old leopard back in. Tony Fercos said he has to pass an animal control inspection, but expects to get his animals back home in the next week.

Neighbors said they are hoping they can do something before then.

"The Fercos brothers are saying, 'Our animals would never hurt anybody.' And I'm like 'Ya. That's probably what Siegfried and Roy thought too.'"

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