Henderson Pavilion

Henderson Pavilion

HENDERSON (FOX5) -- The City of Henderson will host a community meeting to gather feedback and discuss the future of the Henderson Pavilion.

The meeting will be held Monday, March 9 at the Sun City MacDonald Ranch Clubhouse, 2020 W. Horizon Ridge Parkway. The meeting will be open house style with a presentation given every hour at 4 p.m., 5 p.m. and 6 p.m.

According to a news release, the Henderson Pavilion has been faced with many challenges during the last few years including a twice-damaged canopy roof structure, failing sound system and seats and operational limitations as an open-air venue. 

The City of Henderson has been evaluating how to upgrade and modernize the facility and estimates that it would take about $30 million to make improvements and enhance its use for community gatherings and events, the release said. 

Residents voiced concerns in February after the Golden Knights announced plans to construct a 6,000-seat arena in the location of the aging Henderson Pavilion.

The arena would house the Golden Knights' AHL team, which it recently acquired from San Antonio.

"Replacing the building with a 6,000 seat arena in a residential neighborhood will have dire consequences," one resident said at the time. 

A "Save the Henderson Pavilion" flyer campaign could be seen around Green Valley last month.

"I would be very sad if they tore it down," another resident said.

City officials envision creating a 6,000-seat family-friendly entertainment venue that can host concerts, cultural arts performances, high school and college graduations, youth and club hockey activities, meetings and other community events, in addition to hosting Henderson’s hometown professional hockey team in partnership with the Golden Knights.

For more information and updates on the project visit HendersonPavilion.com.

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