HENDERSON (FOX5) -- City of Henderson approved short term rentals in residential neighborhoods

Prior to Tuesday night’s unanimous vote, short term rentals were only allowed in commercial-tourist zoning areas, like Lake Las Vegas. Although no one every obtained the right permit to legally rent out their property on a short-term basis, according to city officials.

The new regulations come after the city of Las Vegas tightened their short-term rental regulations. The city of North Las Vegas currently does not allow it.

Kathleen Richards with Henderson confirmed that the city could bring in an estimated $370,000 with the new regulations.

To legally operate a short-term rental, homeowners must register with the city, pay a yearly fee of $820, take a class, pay for insurance, and prove compliance with HOA rules.

A quick check of short-term rental sights like Airbnb show a range of rental options in Henderson.

The city hopes to curb unauthorized renting by working with a company that will scour rental websites for homeowners in violation of the regulations. People who do not follow the ordinance could be fined.

"You have some of these guys that are just like putting beds in every corner and packing people in. So with Henderson getting on board with the ordinance they put in place. It's going alleviate a lot of those illegal operators," said Henderson property owner, Travis Schurr.

Schurr owns multiple properties in Henderson and rents them out as short term rentals. He started renting out a home he flipped on Airbnb after it sat on the market for months.

He said he understands the concerns about partying and has even had a few incidents where he evicted a handful of renters.

"Does it happen? Yes. Do I want people partying in my house? No. Do I police it? Yes. That's such a small part of it," Schurr said.

Richards said that neighbors will be able to call a hotline and complain about short-term rental related issues. The city aims to respond to complaints within two hours.

Additionally, the rental units could not be used for weddings or parties.

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Thanks a lot, corrupt city council members! All over the world, short term rentals are being legislated away -- for a TON of good reasons -- but here, they're hush-hushed in "unanimously" by our city council. All council members should be voted out for their insistence on ruining our Henderson neighborhoods.


Henderson is being sold out.It used to be very nice.Keep that BS off my Street,or there will be a problem.

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