CES 2018 kicks off with 4,000 exhibits

FOX5's Cyndi Lundeberg tries on a virtual reality headset at CES 2018 (FOX5).

The International Consumer Electronics Show will be packed with 4,000 exhibitors and nearly 180,000 people for the next three days. CES 2018 has everything from drones, to cars and robots.

At LG's booth, their robots are all about making life easier. Don't like to mow the lawn? They have a robot for that.

"The really cool feature it has, " Katherine Acosta says referencing the robot, "Is it'll start running, then when it's out of batteries it'll go back to the charger. When it's all charged up it goes back to the spot of grass it left off on."

Other robots featured from LG include a vacuum robot currently in use at an airport in South Korea and a robot with facial recognition which will bring your luggage up to your hotel room.

If robotics aren't your thing and you're more into relaxation, Homedics is the booth you'll want to visit.

"We are a company specializing in helping people relax, with everything from massage to aromatherapy," Karyn Bylinowski said.

They have vibrating lower back pillows, state of the art neck massagers and even clothes.

"These are our heated, comfort line and they are chargeable," Bylinowski said referencing a gray jacket. "It massages you, and vibrates and heats up."

Homedics is also stepping into virtual reality to help you unwind at night. They have combined a massage chair with a virtual reality headset.

"Here is the mask and the headset you put it on, and you feel like you're being swept away," Bylinowski added.

the one FOX5 Cyndi Lundeberg experienced had trees growing in the forest. As the trees grew out of the ground, the massager in conjunction with their growth went slowly up your back.

Beyond robots and relaxation, CES has everything for the future, things for your home, tech for deep sea diving, and even ways to improve athletes.

"This is the world's first ever ping pong tutor robot," Mike Chen with OMRON said.

The robot uses artificial intelligence to teach players how to play ping pong better. Chen says this is the future for not just ping pong, but for every sport.

CES expects more than 180,000 people to attend from now until Friday.

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