Danielle Ford CCSD trustee

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Clark County School District trustee Danielle Ford issued a public apology on Friday after her comments during a school board meeting on Thursday sparked outrage in the community.

"I used a word that I know is extremely hurtful to a lot of people, and for that I am deeply sorry," Ford said in a video posted to her Facebook page. "I have offended a very hurt and marginalized community, and I wish I could take it back."

During a school board meeting on April 11, parents, teachers and community leaders voiced what they wanted to see done after a series of racial threats were made at schools.

Tensions rose during the meeting when Ford commented, "The other one is the safety of colored students, in general ... These are two different conversations."

Several community members stormed out after her comments, and CCSD board member Lola Brooks told one woman, "Ma'am, please do not make me have security escort you out."

"You don't have to, because I'm leaving because stuff like that is what's going to get our children hurt in the school district," the woman replied.

Brooks later issued a statement from the board on Friday:

The Clark County School District (CCSD) Board of Trustees believes strongly in the principles of equity, diversity and inclusion. Everyone in our community deserves to feel valued and respected. We are disappointed in the hurtful terminology that Trustee Ford used last night when discussing racial tensions at one of our high schools. We understand the significance of that word and why the use of it is painful. The Board... adopted a policy requiring that all Trustees will complete implicit racial bias and cultural competency training as soon as possible. In the meantime, we want to assure our students, parents, employees and community that we reject racism in our schools and community, and we will help lead a community wide effort to have uncomfortable conversations about long-standing racial concerns in our schools and community.

Ford acknowledged in her apology how words can be hurtful.

"I understand the history and the painful significance around what I said," she added.

Ford ended her apology by saying she intends to use this incident as an opportunity to improve her interactions and asked the community to forgive her.

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