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LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Community members and parents voiced their concerns at CCSD's town hall Wednesday demanding answers on "bullying" by a principal at Bracken Elementary and also concerns over racism at Arbor View High School. 

A number of parents from Bracken demanded to know why the principal has not been removed, after numerous complaints from parents and teachers. Numerous parents claim the principal is guilty of "bullying," and describe yelling, retaliation and other hostile actions. 

"You put in a principal that has a history of bullying their staff, bullying their students, bullying their parents," said one concerned parent to the crowd.

"You sit at the top. You don’t know whats going on," another parent said to CCSD Superintendent Dr. Jesus Jara. 

A number of parents have threatened to withdraw their students, and teachers have planned to quit. 

Jara told the crowd, a coach was bring brought in to help the principal work with parents and teachers; higher-level district officials are also at the school to monitor the situation. 

"That’s why we put in the coach—to help that principal, to make sure we that don’t lose the teachers, we don’t lose the kids, and continue with that greatness that's going on at that school," Jara said. 

Community members also voiced concerns about Arbor View High School. A letter home to parents addressed two recent incidents: a message written on a bathroom wall, and a photo with racial undertones airdropped to some kids.

CCSD said appropriate action will be taken against those responsible. 

Jara said The National Equity Project continues to train staff on concerns at the school. A Cultural Turnaround Program was implemented last school year, after social media posts surfaced targeting students. 

"I don't tolerate racism or the allegations. I have confidence in the principal and what he's doing," Jara said, stating the school and district continues to work on progress. 

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