LAS VEGAS (FOX5)-- While Clark County School District leaders are set to discuss compensation for unvaccinated support staff spending additional time and resources on mandatory COVID-19 testing, the CCSD Board of Trustees' Thursday meeting agenda does not include any discussion surrounding the staff vaccine mandate.

Consequently, CCSD teachers and parents said on Thursday that they're growing concerned with a lack of transparency about the mandate, which the Board of Trustees voted to approve on Sept. 1.

"There haven't been any details -- but also it's just extremely confusing," said CCSD high school teacher Rebecca Kennard.

District Superintendent Dr. Jesus F. Jara is responsible for drafting what the vaccine mandate will look like for staff.

According to teachers we spoke with, local teacher unions are likely in the middle of bargaining discussions with the district. FOX5 reached out to leaders of the Clark County Education Association and the National Education Association of Southern Nevada, and all said they were unable to share details, or were unavailable interview.

"We have no idea who it's going to apply to, how soon it's going to happen. For all we know it may not even be finalized until next year sometime," said Josh Flory, a CCSD parent of multiple students.

Since last week, the school district's communications office has not responded to requests for details on the vaccine mandate, and declined to share any information.

In the meantime, many are worried that the mandate will result in the district's teacher shortage getting worse.

"The biggest thing for a lot of us is what will the consequences be? We're already short 800 teachers," said Ryan Fromoltz, a high school teacher with the district.

Trustee Danielle Ford, who voted against the mandate, brought up stipulations for consideration at the Sept. 1 meeting.

"I believe that we should discuss alternate options," Ford said on Sept. 1. "Some districts are having many employees who don't want to be vaccinated opt out of using their healthcare for COVID-related care."

Parents like Flory told us they believe transparency is critical during this ongoing pandemic.

"We have to have information upfront so we can make our own choices. And without communication, without information, we can't do anything. We're paralyzed," said Flory. "My younger boys -- in kindergarten and second -- they can't get vaccinated. So everything is totally reliant on the staff to try and keep them safe."

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