LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Online threats targeted dozens of school districts nationwide and sent Clark County School District parents into high alert.

"It just makes me sad that this is happening," said Stephanie Johnson, who has two children in elementary school.

On Thursday night, she received a phone call that their school would be taking extra precautions on Friday as a result of rumors about threats.

"Just said you know, ‘we’re aware of the threats that have been on social media and we’re not going to allow backpacks tomorrow,'" she said.

Multiple parents told FOX5 that they were keeping their children home and that they would rather be safe than sorry. Johnson said more parents need to step in at home. 

"It's a problem at home that kids just have access to this and somebody starts this and it just gets out of control. Talk to your kid," she said.

CCSD released a statement on Thursday evening, saying they were aware of threats and that the most recent rumors of threats are vague.

Parent and teacher, Leonard Lither, said the statement wasn't enough reassurance.

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"I feel like they could have tried to address that a little better saying, ‘this is a large school district. There’s going to be some violence, we’re doing everything we can to prevent that. We have the safe voice hotline, we’re trying to provide security guards or police,'" Lither said.

FOX5 drove to multiple schools Friday morning and did not see increased police presence. Officers were stationed at Cashman Middle School after one student was arrested for making threats.


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President Trump was right about Tik Tok- its being used to influence American children to commit crimes. He tried to ban it for this reason- Trump was right about everything including the election.


Forgien or nefarious influences come in on all social media. Facebook, tiktok, snapchat, twitter, even youtube can all be cesspools of the darkest sides of human nature.


Jeezelouise is just bitter the Nigerian prince she sent money to hasn't paid her the 1mil he promised her lol

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