LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- CCSD parents are sharing their concerns after a 12-year-old boy was hit by a car while walking to school last week. 

Some parents are worried their student will be hit next.

"I’ve seen so many kids almost get hit and there’s no police here, there’s no one to tell them to slow down," said Amber Berg, a parent of a Jerome Mack Middle School student. 

When she picks her daughter up from school, she says she sees crowds of student running across busy streets to get home or into cars.

"They have to be going at least 35, 40. This is a 25 mile an hour zone. It's in front of a school," she said.

Berg believes a good fix would be brining in crossing guards, but according to Clark County, crossing guards don't cover middle schools.

Crossing guards are hired through the Crossing Guard Company. The county didn't clarify why middle schools do not have crossing guards.

But the grandmother of a Laura Dearing Elementary student says adding more crossing guards won't help. Her grandchild's school has at least one crossing guard, but drivers speed around them.

"Crossing guards have no legal recourse so parents don’t pay attention to them," said Melinda McArthur. Instead, she wants to see police officers stationed across schools. "There needs to be some kind of a uniformed or legal presence at each school." 

Crossing guard

Parents that would like to see additional crossing guards can contact their student's principal.

The Crossing Guard Company is looking for paid guards across the valley. To apply, click here. Applicants must go through background checks and training. Vests and stop signs are provided. 

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