CCSD discusses Gender Diverse draft policy in public meeting

The Clark County Board of Trustees (Brad Boyer/FOX5)

The Clark County School District presented its gender diverse draft policy to the Board of School Trustees at a meeting on Thursday, June 14.

According to the district, CCSD Policy 5138 focuses on “Addressing the Rights and Needs of Students with Diverse Gender Identities or Expressions.”

Dozens of parents, teachers, students and community members showed up to the meeting to weigh in on the policy during public comment.

"Parents, students and community members turn out in the hundreds to meeting after meeting across the valley because they clearly foresee, along with my eight-year-old, that this policy will violate the most basic rights of privacy and safety for students of CCSD," one parent against the policy said.

"Until this passes, our trans students are living in a school environment where they don't have equal rights. That's why this policy is so important," one person in favor of the policy said.

The proposed policy will officially solidify the district's process when dealing with the rights and needs of gender diverse students.

“CCSD is committed to providing a safe, inclusive, and respectful learning environment for all students,” CCSD Chief Instructional Services Officer Dr. Greta Peay said. “This draft policy would create individualized plans for gender diverse students that consider their rights and needs, as well as the capacity of their school, and the rights and needs of the student body at large.”

The district is modeling the gender diverse draft after Nevada state's proposed regulation which requires school administrators to create an individualized plan for each gender diverse student.

The policy will be brought before the school board in a public meeting at least one more time before trustees bring it to a final vote.

The latest draft can be seen here.

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