LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Wednesday was the last day of school for Clark County School District students, and it's a relief for many, after an unprecedented schoolyear filled with distance learning, cohorts, masks in school and more.

Students are celebrating their newfound freedom, as families across the valley reflect on what they might have gained during the challenging schoolyear.

"I am so excited," said senior Zena Hajji, a soon-to-be graduate at Coral Academy of Science Sandy Ridge.

ccsd student generic

Challenges were aplenty during the unique and historic schoolyear. Teachers like Kristan Nigro, a kindergarten teacher at Schorr Elementary, were forced to teach in an entirely different format.

CCSD educators learned technology isn't always dependable.

"To start it out in the schoolyear, Canvas crashed. I mean, the first day," said Nigro.

High schoolers applying for colleges had to keep their grades up, despite the swift changes.

"It's harder to, like, get that communication with our teachers, and do any hands-on activities," recalled Isabella West, a senior at Coral Academy of Science Sandy Ridge.

Hajji even sacrificed her speech and debate tournaments-- something she calls "important," that she'd been training for.

"I had to sacrifice my whole entire senior season," said Hajji.  Despite all the obstacles, students came out on top.

Kindergarteners became computer wizards after their distance learning experience.

"They know how to get onto devices, they know how to problem solve," said Nigro. "The things that they are able to do, and the things that they were able to accomplish this year... was just incredible."

Many students succeeded and thrived. West is graduating on Friday as her school's valedictorian. Despite it all, her GPA is astronomical.

"I think it's like a 4.6," said West. West is going to Pepperdine in the fall.

The last day of school is a milestone for all, especially after all the challenges and adjustments. Students, high school seniors especially, are celebrating their unique accomplishments.

"And how are you celebrating?" FOX5 asked. "Parties," replied Lawrence with a laugh.

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