LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- The Clark County School District Board of School Trustees swore in three new members and one returning on Monday night.

Through a virtual swearing-in ceremony, each trustee was given a performance from a district they represent. Following the ceremony, each trustee addressed members of the media.


Katie Williams, who represents district B, has been a big advocate of returning to in-person learning.

“I want our kids back in school because I think that kids in general or any person that has kids can tell you they do better in routines and when we disrupt their routines it disrupts their entire lives,” Williams said.

The former Ms. Nevada addressed her social media use that has gotten her in trouble in the past for her conservative political views.

“I know that it will change there, maybe some things that I may not speak about now that I follow under open Nevada laws. So it’s just one of those things, it’s definitely a current and I’m going to have to swim through and learn my way through it,” Williams said.

Lisa Guzman, a new trustee representing district A, said she isn’t sure where stands with the hybrid learning or remote learning.

“I still haven’t received any information on what that’s going to look like. I’m still waiting to hear, we have a work session on Wednesday and I think that’s when I’m going to find out,” Guzman said.

She said she’d like to see where hybrid learning is working before making a decision. Guzman also addressed reports of conflicts of interest being associated with other educational organizations.

“As far as the CCEA information that they put out most of it is inaccurate. And because of that I’m working with the CCSD to get some information from the ethics advisory so we can clear this situation up,” Guzman said, stating that she's no longer ESEA's executive director. 

She also said she was upfront with her constituents.

“If I had a crystal ball determining whether or not I was going to be elected, I would have but I didn’t and as soon and I was elected I started the process,” Guzman said.

Evelyn Garcia Morales is the third newest trustee representing district C. She said she hopes to bring more communication to families.

“Fifty percent of our district is Latino-Hispanic. I’m hoping to be able to be that thread between our district and our families,” Garcia Morales said.

She, too, is unsure of a plan or where she stands with hybrid learning.

“Honestly, I wish I could give our families a straight forward answer because I’m looking for one too. I just want to let parents know and families and guardians that I sympathize with the challenges that exist,” Garcia Morales said.

Current Board of School Trustees President Lola Brooks took the oath of office Monday night after being reelected to a second term.

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