LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- The CEO of Immaculate Restoration water removal company is getting sick and tired of catalytic converter thieves.

"It's a terrible inconvenience and a really large expense and not something that you typically pencil out as a line item for planning, but we're starting to plan for it now because it's happening more and more frequently," said Steven Pieri.

One of Pieri's work trucks was targeted by thieves over the weekend while it was parked at another business for repairs. This is the third time thieves have hit the company's work trucks. FOX5 showed surveillance video of a theft that happened in March. Thieves hit the same work lot twice. Thieves were not deterred by a locked fence with surveillance cameras. Pieri says damage from repairs and down time is as much as $8000.

But out of the bad news Pieri says there is some good news. He says one thief from the March thefts was caught.

"When your story showed on Channel Five, we started getting inundated with calls and emails of people who had video of the same suspects doing the same thing," said Pieri.

Police ended up arresting a suspect.

"I think largely in part to the coverage and the media attention that you guys helped us give and absolutely big kudos to the detectives at the Southcentral Area Command. They actually apprehended the suspect that got us the first two times and actually got him to sign a confession to the robbery. So that was awesome," said Pieri.

Pieri says he’s thought of putting road spikes at his business and a guard dog but is leaning toward covers that can be attached over catalytic converts to keep thieves from taking them.

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