Car Tupac was fatally shot in for sale in Las Vegas

More than 20 years after his death, the car Tupac’s was fatally shot in was put up for sale. (FOX5)

Tupac Shakur was a poet, rapper, actor and a victim of a Las Vegas drive-by shooting. More than 20 years after his death a grim piece of Tupac’s history was put up for sale.

On Sept. 7, 1996, ‘All Eyez’ were on Tupac and Suge Knight’s black BMW.

“This was an $80,000 or $90,000 thousand dollar car,” Ryan Hamilton, owner of Celebrity Cars said. “This was the top of the line V12 model that was a little more rare.”

On Tuesday, the car sat on the showroom floor at celebrity cars on Dean Martin Drive, with more than 120,000 miles, a $1.5 million dollar sticker price and a long history.

“It was originally leased by Death Row Records,” Hamilton said. “It was Suge Knight’s company; he was the one driving the car when Tupac was killed.”

According to police records, he stopped at a red light on Koval and Flamingo when a white Cadillac pulled up alongside the BMW and fired into the car. Tupac was hit multiple times and died within days. The crime remains unsolved.

The car had multiple bullet holes in it after Tupac’s death, but it has been restored.

Although it has been altered on the outside, the original custom interior was still intact.

“This is actually just a little open and closed area here that would’ve been the same on this side, but there was a secret culmination of buttons that he programmed ... to where he pushed something you know two or three times, and turned a knob and it would pop open, I’m assuming for some sort of weapon since obviously he needed a little protection," Hamilton said.

“The VIN numbers and everything have been matched through BMW."

BMW of North America also verified that the VIN was never tampered with and that this was the only black BMW leased by Death Row Records.

Hamilton said even though the car is not in the exact condition it was when Tupac was killed, it is still a piece of music history.

“Most people would probably prefer it being in the condition with the bullet holes,” Hamilton said. “At the time though, it was in such bad shape that the wheels wouldn’t even have rolled.”

Hamilton also said that the reason it was restored was because it was taken back to California and put up for sale in a police auction.

“No one really knew what it was,” he said. “So at that point, it was driven by people that didn’t know what they had.”

Eventually someone figured it out and it was sold privately to Celebrity Cars. Hamilton said this is the first time the car is up for viewing for the public and it’s generated a lot of interest.

“He made such a difference to a lot of people in a small amount of time.”

The dealership priced the car at $1.5 million, and although they are taking offers, they have already turned down offers close to $1 million.

Hamilton added that the type of car Tupac was killed in was also manufactured in a bullet proof version, but Tupac was not in the bullet proof version.

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