LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- A new way to get marijuana is coming soon to Las Vegas. Don't call them vending machines, but the grab-and-go lockers could roll out in dispensaries by the fall and cannabis lounges as soon as the facilities open.

“It’s like an Amazon pick-up locker that you would see outside of a Whole Foods or a [7-Eleven],” said Lindsay Ballengee, one of the co-founders of Safe Arbor. “Customers can order from their couch on their phone and then they get an SMS text message from the machine saying your order is ready."

Ballengee said Safe Arbor lockers will cut wait times at local dispensaries from an average of 40 minutes of standing in line to just a few minutes of entering information into a locker.

“If we are looking toward where the future of cannabis is, this absolutely could be it,” said A’esha Goins, executive director and founder of Cannabis Equity and Inclusion Community stated.

Goins said she believes these high-tech lockers will increase access for both customers and potentially small-scale distributors who do not have a storefront. It will take curbside pickup to another level, eliminating any need for face-to-face interaction, she said.

“I can’t foresee this not taking over cannabis for safety in the near future,” Goins said.

“We manufacture all of these in partnership with American Locker which is based in North Las Vegas ... Every orange key that you’ve ever seen at Disneyworld or a pool or a gym was keyed here,” said Safe Arbor Co-Founder Marta Spegman-Lopez Venture.

Identification will be required to use the lockers and all state laws will be followed.

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