Las Vegas celebrates historic 4-20 at dispensaries (and White Castle)

Marijuana is shown in this undated photo. (FOX5)

Caesars Entertainment will no longer test for marijuana as part of its pre-employment screening process.

“I think it’s a great idea,” consumer and Las Vegas Releaf bud tender Lindsay Steele said. “It’s giving everyone a chance to get those jobs that pay well.”

Steele said she regularly consumes medical marijuana to relieve her severe migraines. Before she started working at Releaf, it was challenging to find decent-paying jobs.

“I would go for interviews knowing I wouldn't get those [jobs] because I was partaking in medical marijuana.”

While Steele said she supports the new policy change because she believes it will help open doors for job seekers who consume. Caesars Entertainment is hopeful it will fill the current void in its work force.

“We noticed we had some qualified candidates who failed under our old rules and they weren't eligible to be hired,” Caesars Entertainment Executive Vice President of Public Affairs and Communications Richard Broome said.

Broome added that jobs related to transportation will still require a marijuana drug test.

“The landscape is changing, so we felt we might be missing out on some good candidates if we didn't change our marijuana screening process.”

Broome said the company will still enforce some of its older rules. Employees who consume on the job or come to work high will be fired.

MGM International did not respond to a request for comment on whether the company planned to make similar changes.

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