LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- A man wrestled bags of groceries from a reported shoplifter at Smith's grocery store off Decatur and Desert Inn.

On Wednesday afternoon, around 1p.m. Elizabeth McKenna was waiting in her car as her husband went into Smith's to grab a few things for Thanksgiving.  

She heard a commotion outside and thought it was a fight.

"This one lady in a wheelchair comes up to me and she says, see that guy -- and he was walking away -- he tried to take packages out without paying for them. And that gentleman stepped in and helped out," McKenna said.

That gentleman was surrounded by three Smith's employees that were thanking him for stopping the shoplifter. McKenna thought it was brave, and wanted to thank him too.

“Because we don’t see too much of that. People stepping up and helping the community. Because I’m tired of seeing all those smash and grabs. And you see everybody helpless," McKenna said.

McKenna asked for his name and if she could take a photo of him. He told her his name is Bishop King and that he's a former Navy Seal. He was happy to help.

Bishop King

Bishop King

“I said well let me shake your hand thank you for doing that for us I said because we need more like you in this world," McKenna said. 

McKenna said the shoplifter was wearing a wig and just walked away. 

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(6) comments


If he was truly a former Navy seal he would have known better than to intervene on a simple shoplift of food. Stupid move on his part. Smith's employees are forbidden to chase or physically engage because the risks are way too high.


Stupid move?? Seriously??!! Kudos to this Navy Seal in apprehending the criminal. Unlike in CA Nevadans won't put up with this "grab and go" nonsense.


Let’s keep it up good people! Push the scum out of our city.


This is how decent people act. BLM and antifa should take notice. Ha, ha, ha.


Thank you, sir, for your service! Go Navy!! [thumbup]


Good job 👏 don’t think any liberal news reports will cover it

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