Boulder City looks to hire city manager with major budget issues in California

The Boulder City seal is shown in a court room (FOX5).

Boulder City is looking to hire a new city manager, but the top candidate is a man dealing with major budget problems and questions about his work ethic at his current job in California.

Alfonso Noyola is currently the city manager of Arvin, a small farm town near Bakersfield. Some people who live in Boulder City say they’re concerned Noyola would rather live in Summerlin than the city in which he manages.

Noyola was the subject of an investigation by KBFX, the FOX news affiliate in Bakersfield. Noyola found a loophole in his Arvin contract, which demanded that he permanently reside in Arvin. Instead, he only lived in Arvin four days a week before traveling to Las Vegas for three days a week.

Noyola will be required to live in Boulder City if his hiring is finalized. He will likely not be required to sell his residence in Summerlin. It’s unclear exactly how that portion of his contract will be worded.

“I don’t think we’re in a position that we’re going to hire detectives to determine where he’s sleeping every night,” Harhay said.

Noyola also took years to realize Arvin was operating with a 1.8 million dollar deficit. He blamed close to a decade of “accounting errors,” but never told anyone about it in Boulder City.

“No,” said Boulder City city council member Warren Harhay. “That was not discussed.”

Harhay said the last Boulder City city manager was asked to resign because of a “poor work ethic.” Still, he defended Noyola’s experience and loyalty to Arvin.

“Have you ever been in a terrible job? I’ve been in some terrible jobs, and I couldn’t wait to get out,” Harhay said. “Have you ever been to Arvin?

Neal Siniakin, a concerned Boulder City resident, said he still has lots of questions about Noyola.

“My only concern is that there’s more due diligence before Mr. Noyola is hired. We have time, and the city manager is the most important job in the city,” Siniakin said. “Mr. Noyola should be given a chance to explain.”

Noyola declined to speak to FOX5, stating that it would be “inappropriate” to speak before being formally given the job. Previously, he did not decline interviews with the local newspaper in Boulder City, which did not report any details regarding his city’s massive budget deficit.

Harhay said the details of Noyola’s past are not “dealbreakers,” despite the fact that they were not brought up in the interview process.

“I think it’s a yellow flag, I don’t think it’s a red flag!” Harhay said. “It’s a bump along the road, certainly.”

Overall, Harhay said Boulder City interviewed 35 candidates.

Noyola is currently the highest paid employee in Arvin, with a base salary of 135,000 dollars. While working there, his car was still registered in Nevada and he was registered to vote in Clark County.

City Council met privately with Noyola until almost 1:00 AM on February 14 discussing his contract. The City Council is expected to vote on the contract at its next meeting on February 22.

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