LAS VEGAS (FOX5) –- FOX5 has obtained police body camera video of an incident that’s sparked outrage in the deaf and Black communities.

A deaf woman was handcuffed by North Las Vegas Police with no way to sign, her 11-year-old twin daughters ordered by an officer to act as interpreters for their mom.  

Attorneys said that's a clear violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act which prohibits children from being used as interpreters for police.

After more than a month requesting the video, Wednesday night, North Las Vegas police sent nearly two hours of body camera footage with the officers' faces blurred out.

“Tell her I will use force if she does not get out and go to the front of my car,” an officer said in the first seconds of the first video.

“Let's go. Let's go. You can record. I’m recording too but I need you to come to the front of my car,” the officer demands.

“I'll have you come with me so you can talk,” the officer tells the 11-year-old twin girls in the back seat of the car.

Andrea "Dre" Hollingsworth, the woman at the center of the incident, spoke to FOX5 about what happened using an interpreter.

“I don't know why I’m really being pulled over and he's interrogating me. I’m Black. I’m deaf. George Floyd just happened,” Hollingsworth said.

“Have your mom sit down on the curb for me,” the officer tells Hollingsworth’s daughters in the footage.

The officer's body cam video shows the young girls signing to their mom what the officer is telling them. 

“Now we are here because a friend of hers is saying that she is out here stalking and harassing,” the officer tells them.

“She's not stalking,” the girl responds.

The officer tells one of the girls to go get their mom's ID out of the car before he handcuffs her.

“Tell her to put her hands behind her back. Tell her to put her hands behind her back,” the officer says.

Andrea "Dre" Hollingsworth

Andrea "Dre" Hollingsworth and her two daughters. 

“Mommy! No mommy!,” one of the girls yells.

The officer is seen putting his knee on Hollingsworth's back to handcuff her and a female officer steps in and calms the girls down.

“Can you talk to me?,” the female officer asks.

“Are you ready to talk calmly little girl?” the initial officer questions after the girls stop crying.

The officer later explains to another officer what happened. 

“She immediately gets out her phone and is like, ‘I’m recording this,’ and making gestures, so she pushes me, pushes my hand ... She is being super dramatic about everything because she is on her own camera like police brutality stuff,” the officer said.

Hollingsworth said she couldn't read the lips of the officers whose faces were covered with masks and couldn't sign with her hands behind her back but her daughters never should have been ordered to interpret for her. She stated they are now traumatized.

“I really want all of Las Vegas police to change … It is really scary how deaf people are treated,” Hollingsworth said.

Last month, the North Las Vegas Police Chief declined FOX5's request for an interview.

When we asked about the department's policy on calling in interpreters instead of asking children to step in, the department sent their entire 198 page department policy manual.

FOX5 asked again Wednesday night if the officers involved faced disciplinary action or had further training and have not heard back. 

Hollingsworth has an attorney and FOX5 is waiting to hear back about her next steps. 



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