Billionaire tech founder arrested for stockpile of drugs at Encore resort

Ashley Fargo, left, and Henry Nicholas III, right, were arrested for drug trafficking charges at the Encore Las Vegas (Photo: TMZ / FOX5)

A billionaire tech founder was arrested after police discovered a stockpile of drugs in his hotel room.

Henry Nicholas III, the co-founder of tech giant Broadcom, was arrested along with his girlfriend Ashley Fargo, who is the ex-wife of Wells Fargo heir Brian Fargo, at the Encore resort, according to TMZ. The couple faces multiple charges including drug trafficking of multiple controlled substances.

On Tuesday, Nicholas called security after failing to get into his room at the Strip property. Then security found Fargo unresponsive in the room with a semi-deflated balloon in her mouth.

Paramedics were able to revive Fargo. Nicholas admitted to security that the balloons and some canisters found in the room contained nitrous oxide.

Las Vegas police were called to the scene and they further discovered two cases, which are normally used to carry weapons, that contained marijuana, heroine, cocaine, meth and MDMA, according to police.

TMZ said Nicholas has a history of serious legal issues including felony securities fraud and distribution charges, although they were later dropped.

FOX5 is working on gathering further details from police.

Check back for updates.

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