Big & Rich, Sean Hannity, host concert for shooting victims

Hannity said it's his special bond with Las Vegas, and the collaboration with a good few friends that's brought him back there after the 1 October tragedy. (FOX5)

For Fox News anchor Sean Hannity, Las Vegas is a place of happiness.

"Vegas is adult Disneyland, it's just a lot of fun. It's just really different and unique, and it has a special place in thee heart of America," he said.

Hannity said it's his special bond with Las Vegas, and the collaboration with a good few friends that's brought him back there after the 1 October tragedy.

"Look what happened to this city. It reminded me of me covering Sept. 11 when it happened," he said. "It's the worst of circumstances: all these people injured, and then the stories of people saving lives, you just see the goodness, the greatness of people comes out in these horrible circumstances," he said.

Following the shooting, Hannity came to Las Vegas, and did the Sean Hannity Show Live from there. Hannity said while he was there, the impact of what happened moved him.

"Probably the hardest interview I ever did: a man was holding his wife's hand at the concert, she got hit in the back of the head. His wife died in his arms."

Hannity said he decided to do something. So with the help of his friends, Big & Rich, he planned the Vegas Strong benefit concert. Big & Rich is also the band that took the stage before Jason Aldean on Oct. 1. During their performance at the Route 91 Harvest Festival, Big & Rich lead the crowd in singing "God Bless America", and video of it has gone viral. The band members said they plan to do the same thing Thursday night.

"I don't think there is going to be a dry eye in the house when God Bless America is sung," Hannity said.

It's not just Big & Rich performing, other big names like Rascal Flatts will also be there. Hannity says the entire idea for the Vegas Strong Benefit Concert, was brought to him by his friends Big and Rich, and he says it's amazing to see what started as an idea grow into this concert. For Hannity, tonight is about coming together and continuing to fight for the good in our country.

"We can't be a nation that stops living," he said. "With freedom comes responsibility. Not everyone is responsible. There are evil people, both here and abroad, then there are the heroes, and (the concert) is about honoring them."

At the concert, thousands of seats are scheduled to be set aside to honor the heroes and first responders of the shooting. Hannity said he knows there are people who can't be at the benefit concert because they're still healing, and he said they aren't forgotten.

"We love you, we're thinking about you and we want you to fully recover. Be strong, be Vegas strong. You are the victim of a terrible act of evil and everybody is pulling for you."

While in town, Hannity said he is also previewing a movie he helped produce, "Let There Be Light." The movie follows an atheist who gets in a serious car crash, and finds religion. The movie is collaboration between Hannity and Kevin Sorbo.

"There has not been a person who has seen this movie who hasn't cried!" he said.

Hannity said he was moved to make the movie because typical Hollywood, he feels, is condescending toward conservatives, Christians and people of faith.

Friday evening, Let There Be Light, is scheduled to be shown to 127 valley pastors. The event has been dubbed, "an evening of hope and prayer, and a time to come together to honor the first responders and people who lost their lives in the shooting."

Hannity said he's donating the free screening of his movie, in hopes of healing the city during this difficult time.

The movie is open to the public at 7:30 p.m. Friday at 1000 E. St. Louis Avenue.

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