'Bettor X' crushes sportsbooks, Las Vegas barely comes out ahead

A sports book in Las Vegas is shown in an undated image. (File/FOX5)

Even though the Philadelphia Eagles pulled off an upset on Super Bowl Sunday, sportsbooks in Las Vegas still made money. Barely.

Unaudited tallies released Monday by the state's gambling regulators show people wagered a record $158.6 million on the big game at Nevada's 198 sportsbooks. That's about $20.1 million more than in 2017.

But the data from the Nevada Gaming Control Board showed sportsbooks made a profit of only about $1.2 million on the action, around $9.8 million less than in 2017 and not even close to the $19.7 they cleared in 2014.

Not every sportsbook won. William Hill lost millions, thanks in part to two $1 million bets from "Bettor X."

Nick Bogdanovich, the director of trading, said this is now the eighth time Bettor X decided to gamble. He wins every time.

"We'll be just fine. No pity party for William Hill. We'll pay out the money and move on," Bogdanovich said. "Hats off to Bettor X."

Bettor X came out of nowhere during last year's World Series to win millions. Nobody knows much about him. At the very least, if someone does, they're not talking.

"I know his name, but I don't know anything about him," Bogdanovich said. "So far he's only won ... He could be the greatest gambler in the history of the world, or he could be the worst. We don't know. It's only eight bets."

Bogdanovich said he truly does not know how "Mr. X" made his money. The mysterious bettor is not someone famous, he said.

"It's not Clint Eastwood or Matt Damon," Bogdanovich said.

Patrick Everson, a senior writer for sports-betting website Covers.com, said Bettor X also placed a $3 million bet with an MGM Resorts International sportsbook. Overall, Bettor X made up to $10 million. All he had to do was pick the Eagles to win the Super Bowl.

"You can't argue against that kind of success!" Everson said. "William Hill definitely got the short end of the stick there."

MGM and Caesars Entertainment reported small wins. Everson said the reason Las Vegas eventually came out on top was because people refused to give up on Tom Brady.

"We got a great deal of betting on New England, in game," he said. "Then at halftime, everybody's thinking back to what New England did last year against Atlanta."

Las Vegas has not lost money from the Super Bowl since 2008, when the New York Giants beat the undefeated New England Patriots.

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