Battlefield Vegas sends armored vehicles to help on 1 October

Battlefield Vegas sign. (FOX5)

We now know the company Battlefield Vegas provided armored vehicles to protect police on 1 October. They tell FOX5 police called them for help during the shooting and they immediately jumped into action.

In the 9-1-1 records released by metro, a phone call can be heard from Battlefield Vegas to police. The call is from their operations manager informing the operator they were asked to come by a sergeant. They give a description of their vehicles and their exact location.

Owner Ron Cheney is one of the men who flew down Dean Martin Drive in an armored personnel vehicle or APV.

“When I was rolling down Dean Martin and I'm watching people, you know, running the opposite way, it was just so surreal that I can't believe I'm actually here doing this,” Cheney said.

He says is all started with a phone call from one of his friends at metro.

“We've had a long time relationship with metro, know a lot of officers over there. I got a call within a few minutes after the first shot asking if I'd heard what happened, asking if the armor was ready, the armored personnel carriers, and I said it is and I panicked,” Cheney said, “I called my operations manager. He was able to get sixteen guys within minutes.”

At that point, he says he didn't know if this was a major terrorist attack or if there were multiple shooters on the strip.

“We had APCs tuned up, fueled, and we rolled out of the gates,” Cheney said, “We rolled four of them down to Mandalay and our job wasn't to be officers deputies, anything like that, it was just to provide assistance with vehicles. So I asked my staff and anybody who volunteered, just no weapons.”

Cheney says he didn’t want his guys to have weapons because he knew police were still dealing with an active situation. He says he didn’t want to add to any confusion if an officer were to see one of his guys with a weapon.

“By the time we got there, the situation had died down. They realized it was just one person, but they kept us staged there until about five in the morning,” Cheney said.

He says since then, Battlefield Vegas has been the center of conspiracy theories.

“The most hurtful thing was the conspiracy theorists saying we providing weapons to the bad guys, being part of the conspiracy to kill concert goers,” Cheney said.

He says none of that is true. They just responded to a call for help.

“My guys, myself, we ran down there as fast as we could to do our part to help the community,” Cheney said.

Battlefield Vegas has created a quick reaction force since 1 October. Everyone on the team is assigned a job and if something like this were ever to happen again, they said that they would do the same thing in a heartbeat.

They tell FOX5 they've stayed quiet about their role that night because they didn't want to hinder metro's investigation into the shooting.

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