LAS VEGAS (FOX5) —  Family and friends gathered to remember Ryan Billotte during a candlelight vigil on Friday, and raise awareness about Nevada’s "move over" law.

Billotte was killed by a hit-and-run driver while working on the shoulder of the 215 beltway, between Decatur and Jones boulevards. 

In the wake of Billotte’s death, there’s been calls to step up safety for all tow truck drivers and first responders who work roadways. 

Billotte's wife, Becca, stood shoulder to shoulder with her mom outside Wagon Wheel Missionary Baptist Church. 

“We want to push the ‘slow down and move over’ movement. People just need to be more aware this can’t keep happening, they need to come home to their families - we need them home,” Becca Billotte said. 

His stepdaughter Paige Burris echoed the same sentiments.  

“Slow down move over is very important and it cost me my dad. And when they see somebody - emergency vehicles they need to move over they need to merge, they need to slow down because lives are at stake,” Burris said.  

The state’s move over law says drivers approaching any sort of traffic incident are required to slow to less than the posted speed limit, move to a non-adjacent lane and be prepared to stop. Specifically when approaching vehicles displaying non-flashing blue lights.

Shannon Jeffers, a close friend of Becca, described what Ryan was like. 

”Ryan was very soft spoken, very funny, he had quick comebacks for everything. He was genuine, he took interest in you,” Jeffers said. 

During the candlelight vigil you could feel how much he is missed. 

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“He was just super and I miss him, he’s supposed to be at home with me and he’s not because people aren’t paying attention,” Becca Billotte said. 

Ryan Billotte leaves behind four stepchildren, all he helped raise and six grandchildren.


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