Police: At least 59 dead, 489 injured in shooting on Las Vegas Strip

Police are searching for Marilou Danley in connection to the mass shooting near Mandalay Bay. (LVMPD)

At least two people told police they saw Marilou Danley, or someone matching her description, in the days prior to the 1 October shooting. Others say they had interactions with Stephen Paddock, which provide conflicting information about the 1 October shooter.

This is one of four articles released by FOX5 since 1,234 pages of witness reports were released by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department on Wednesday.

The pages include hundreds of differing perspectives from people who were attending the Route 91 Harvest Festival or were affected by the tragedy.

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Up to this point, people have described Stephen Paddock, the shooter, as an apolitical man who didn't discuss much about his personal life, much less any sort of opinion regarding his religious ideologies or his views on firearms.

At least two witnesses stated they believe Paddock had strong "anti-government" views.

One woman said she overheard a conversation Paddock was having with another man at "Denny's or IHOP," a few nights before the shooting.

"I thought one man looked like the actor Clancey Brown. This morning I realize it was Steven (sic) Paddock," she wrote. "They were talking about Waco and 'Ruby Ridge.' I thought they were talking about a woman. However, I have since google 'Ruby Ridge.'"

This woman says she witnessed Stephen Paddock talking to a man at Denny’s on Sept. 28She says they were talking about Waco and the 25th anniversary of the Ruby Ridge standoff; how they dislike the federal government.She said she didn’t hear them planning anything. pic.twitter.com/yhPuvTYzaQ— Adam Herbets (@AdamHerbets) May 18, 2018

Out of the hundreds of people interviewed, the witness at the diner is the only person to state they saw Paddock spend time with an individual other than his girlfriend, Marilou Danley.

One witness, who was locked up at the Clark County Detention Center at the time of his interview, stated that he met Paddock at a Bass Pro Shops parking lot in Las Vegas approximately three weeks before the shooting. He said he specifically remembered Paddock's last name.

The man stated Paddock responded to his ad on Backpage and that he wanted to buy "auto sears," which would allow semiautomatic weapons to fire automatically. The man said he refused to manufacture auto sears for Paddock.

"I just remember the guy being so damn fanatical," he told police. "I just figured he's ano- another internet nut, you know, watching too much of it and believing too much of it."

"Somebody has to wake up the American public and get them to arm themselves," Paddock allegedly told the man. "Sometimes sacrifices have to be made."

This man says he met Paddock at a Bass Pro Shops parking lot. Paddock wanted him to make “auto sears,” which allow guns to shoot automatically. The man said no.He said Paddock was ranting about the government and that the American public needs to arm themselves. #1October pic.twitter.com/DQpwydtfII— Adam Herbets (@AdamHerbets) May 19, 2018
The gun dealer from Backpage said Paddock sounded very “fanatical... like an internet nut.”“You know, watching too much of it and believing too much of it.” pic.twitter.com/89Yp40scIi— Adam Herbets (@AdamHerbets) May 19, 2018

Interactions with Marilou Danley

At least two people told police they saw Marilou Danley, or someone matching her description, in the days prior to the shooting.

A waitress at Noodle Shop said she recognized Paddock and Danley from the news, but she paid more attention to Danley when she reported seeing the couple eating together on September 29th.

"I just joking around with the hostess and I tell her, 'I bet - I bet that lady's a Filipina,'" she said. "I don't focus on him too much. I was lookin' that lady. You know, women, we criticize each other sometime... from far away, uh, she looked so young but when you go close that why I recognize her in the - in the picture because, uh - uh, she got, uh, the root - the white hair."

According to Metro's latest timeline, Danley was not in the country at that time.

"Danley was in the Philippines at the time of the incident. She left the country on September 14, 2017, and returned on October 3, 2017," according to the preliminary investigative report released by Metro.

Another witness, a female Uber driver, said she picked up Paddock and a woman at the airport before dropping them off at Mandalay Bay. She described the couple have blue suitcases and talking about a terrorist attack at the Mandalay Bay, but claimed that she could not remember what day or time this occurred.

This female Uber driver says she picked up Paddock and a woman at the airport and dropped them off at Mandalay Bay. She says he made comments about a terrorist attack.Police have said Paddock drive himself from Mesquite to the Mandalay Bay... No mention of the airport. pic.twitter.com/gpEM8RgdGC— Adam Herbets (@AdamHerbets) May 17, 2018

Metro's timeline does not state Paddock was ever at the airport, as he drove to Mandalay Bay from his house in Mesquite.

So far, search warrant returns obtained from the department show that officers have requested data from Microsoft, Google, Snapchat, but not Uber.

The reports did not include statements or interviews from Marilou Danley.Mandalay Bay employee interviews

Police interviewed multiple hosts across the Las Vegas Strip who worked with Paddock and tried to get him to stay at their hotels because of his reputation as a "high roller." The hosts described building a relationship with Paddock and his girlfriend over the years to try and cater to his needs.

A host with the Wynn described Paddock as an "introvert" and as an easy customer. He said Paddock didn't talk about guns, politics, current events, or his personal life.

A host with Caesars Entertainment described Paddock as "odd" and "weird," but said he couldn't specifically describe why he had reason to feel that way. He said Paddock simply gave off an odd vibe. He also stated that Paddock was agitated to learn that Caesars Palace got rid of his favorite video poker machines, which had the best odds and gave favorable payouts.

A Mandalay Bay housekeeper said she cleaned Paddock's room on September 27 and noticed "more than five luggage" in the living room. She said he ate soup and stared at her while she cleaned, which made her feel uncomfortable.

This housekeeper is describing cleaning Paddock’s room on September 27th. She felt uncomfortable because he kept staring at her. pic.twitter.com/sG7yPTR35t— Adam Herbets (@AdamHerbets) May 18, 2018
This Mandalay Bay employee, who responded directly to the 32nd floor, used to sell guns and was surprised to hear the shooter used a bump stock.“If that guy had bump fire it was - he was good... I’m nowhere near that efficient”#1October #LasVegasShooting pic.twitter.com/jkcFCgAD3Y— Adam Herbets (@AdamHerbets) May 18, 2018

The witness reports released by Metro did not include a statement or interview from Paddock's host at Mandalay Bay. The reports did not include statements or interviews with bellhops who worked at the Mandalay Bay. The reports did not include statements or interviews with anyone who sold weapons to Paddock.

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