LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- About 2,000 people gathered in downtown Las Vegas on Saturday in a third night of protests sparked by the death of George Floyd. 

The protest on May 30 started in front of Downtown Container Park at 7th and Fremont streets. Organizers on the event's Facebook page said people need to "organize to eradicate police terrorism ... Impactful solutions are needed to address the continued attacks to be able to heal and grow our resources ..."

From 7 p.m. to 10 p.m., the protest remained peaceful along Fremont Street. Just after 10 p.m., Las Vegas police and SWAT used tear gas on the crowd. It wasn't clear what led to that action.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Lt. Frank Humel said there were about 1,500 to 2,000 people involved about 10:45 p.m.

Humel said officers had made arrests, but they did not know how many. "Protesters have vandalized cars, broken windows and continue to throw objects including Molotov cocktails."

Humel said it was necessary to use CS gas, also known as tear gas. He confirmed one report of looting, saying about 50 looters targeted the EZ Pawn store on the 200 block of Las Vegas Boulevard around 11 p.m. 

Saturday's protest marked the third day of demonstrations in Las Vegas.

About 200 to 300 people gathered on the Las Vegas Strip Friday night. The protest resulted in 80 arrests and 12 officers injured.


Protests have been happening nationwide in response to Floyd's death. Many of the protests were marked with property destruction and fires.

Reno Mayor Hillary Schieve set an immediate curfew following destruction in the city. 

Soon after Mayor Schieve's announcement, Washoe County Commissioner Bob Lucey announced a curfew for the entire county through 7 a.m. Sunday.

Lucey tweeted he has been in contact with Gov. Steve Sisolak and the Washoe County Sheriff's Office to "ensure safety of our entire region."

Reno Police Chief Jason Soto announced about 8:45 p.m. the National Guard would respond to downtown Reno for the "unlawful assembly."

"Their role and the mission of the Guard is to help keep local government buildings secure. This will help Reno Police Department and other local law enforcement agencies protect residents and disperse crowds," said a press release from Gov. Sisolak's office. "Nevada’s adjutant general mobilized members of the Guard under direction of Gov. Sisolak after receiving a call for aid from Reno officials."

Nevada Department of Public Safety’s Highway Patrol, Investigations and Fire Marshal Divisions, Washoe County Sheriff’s Office and City of Sparks Police Department had previously been called to assist Reno Police.


Prior to the protest, community leaders were joined by Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman and Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Sheriff Joe Lombardo in a press conference to address the protests.


Several downtown Las Vegas bars and restaurants announced on Saturday they would stay closed due to the protest at Downtown Container Park.

Commonwealth, Park on Fremont and Downtown Cocktail Room said on Facebook they would stay closed due to the protest. 

"The safety of our guests and staff are of the up to most importance so we’ve decide to close in an abundance of caution. We apologize for any inconvenience," posted Commonwealth, a popular bar and nightclub at 6th and Fremont. 

Commonwealth's post said it would reopen at 10 p.m. on Sunday. Park on Fremont shared a similar statement, saying they would reopen Sunday at 5 p.m. 

Downtown Cocktail Room had earlier shared a post about reopening Saturday night, however soon shared, "Contrary to our previous posts, we will not be open tonight as planned. Apologies if we got your hopes up."

A bartender at Atomic Liquors at 10th and Fremont streets told FOX5 they would be open, but only for indoor seating to keep their guests contained. The outdoor patio facing the street would remain closed Saturday night.

Griffin confirmed to FOX5 they would remain closed Saturday night.

Evel Pie, the punk rock pizzeria in between Las Vegas Boulevard and 6th Street, posted on Facebook they reopened at 4 p.m. on Saturday and will be open until midnight. 

Neonopolis, home to Nerd Bar, Don't Tell Mama piano bar and Cat's Meow karaoke, is staying open Saturday night, said owner Rohit Joshi. Security will be on-site. 

Carson Kitchen announced it would stay open:

There’s a lot of talk about the recent protests making their way to downtown Las Vegas this evening. Many businesses are understandably closing. We have chosen to remain open. It is our greatest passion to connect to our guests and our community. We firmly believe we should continue to try to do so even in our most difficult times.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates. 

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(11) comments


First sign of a problem,shoot!


Wow, Kristen. This is some sensationalist opinion piece you've put together here. With a title like that in a blue city you've all but guaranteed some serious clicks. In light of watching every un-American opportunist loot and burn their city, perhaps a more appropriate article title would be, "Police Respond to Copycat Hooliganism with Non-lethal Force" and yes, tear gas is non-lethal. Ditto rubber bullets. You get a charlie horse, you eat your ego, and then you go on living. There were 80 arrests arrests on day one. I'm actually surprised that a city this hopelessly blue would be up to the task, but when you've got billionaire hotel owners continuing to mitigate their losses, they'll get the muscle they need to guarantee victory. Hence, damage in Vegas has been at a minimum compared to most of the blue cities we see in chaos today. At least they got this one right, even if it served the agenda of elites.


Buy a gun and Ammo- they will go hard in 5 months with this kind of terrorism to prevent people from voting. #Obama is a Terrorist and is coordinating the riots, all planned in advance just waited for 1 incident that fit the narrative to pounce ....right when freedom was being restored and the stock market had a chance to rebound.


And of course Ms. Mayor is asleep at the wheel ... as usual.


I think I would rather be governed by The old Italian Mafia then these Liberal Democrats.


Just what is the aim of the protesting and destruction? What do they want to accomplish? The murderer is already in custody, facing murder charges!

life is a lie

this is a joke, it figures why the national emergency was never lifted, now it all makes sense, and you settle for slow reopening ,these protest are happening GLOBALLY!! majority are not buying this , Never let a good crisis go to waste


6 years spent wasted serving this country and fighting in wars overseas... all to protect this... I am sorry but this country is no longer what many of my friends and family have fought and died for. It is a parody... a sick twisted fallacy filled with people who only want it to burn.

They claim they want justice, but instead loot target and the local bar.

They claim they want equality, but instead don't acknowledge their own cultural weakness in choosing to fight against authority rather than cooperate.

They claim they want freedom, but instead demand handouts and vote for those who force us to wear masks.

They claim oppression, but instead hurt those who are trying to live their own lives.. rob and steal and shut down streets... screaming and yelling at everyone but the ones who actually matter.

This is not the country I fought for... It hasn't been for a long time...


If your a Veteran anyone can understand you. The cowards who institute violence during these protest needed to serve the country and then see if they would do what they are doing. Anyone who goes out and thinks a protest is going to be civilized over the next few months is putting others safety at risk. This has become the land of the FREE literally according to the looters.


These are Americans practicing their first amendment rights. As long as they protests stay peaceful there isn't any problem.

Comment deleted.

Shut that ish up. You sound ignorant. I'm Tired of ppl speaking nonsense behind their keyboards. Instead, how about show some respect for those that have lost their lives, those who have lost their husbands, sisters, brothers, wives, sons and daughters from unjustly actions from so called law enforcement who are supposed to be protecting citizens but yet are out here abusing their powers time and time again and get nothing but a slap on the wrist. If roles were reversed and it happened to your kids or your significant other you wouldn't hardly be speaking like this. So why even go on about another or other human beings you don't even know, that isn't the same color as you? Who doesn't even have any malice towards you and just wants to live their life peacefully and respectfully just like any human being does. So enough with all that bullSHXT and Try to UPLIFT its better for your health and better for the world. Bless you and have a good day.

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