Aptiv self-driving car

LAS VEGAS -- Las Vegas is a hot spot for self-driving cars. 

Aptiv has 75 autonomous vehicles in the Las Vegas area, and 30 of those work with the ride-sharing service Lyft. 

If you order a self-driving car through the ride-share app, a BMW will show up with a driver and an engineer. The car can completely operate on its own -- from choosing which route to take and switching lanes -- but it still needs a driver. 

"You can't predict every situation. So we always err on the side of safety," said Aptiv Managing Director Abe Ghabra. 

FOX5 Vegas rode in one of the vehicles at CES Friday morning. The driver kept his hands hovering over the steering wheel. Ghabra said they train all their drivers to do this so they can "speedily take over if needed." 

For example, the cars are not allowed to operate on their own while on private property. Aptiv also said they encourage their drivers to take over if they are worried the car won't handle a situation correctly. 

Aptiv teamed up with Lyft last May. The tech company said they have delivered more than 30,000 trips. 

Since then, Aptiv also said they've made some improvements by making the cars more human-like by getting the cars to predict the behavior of other people on the roads. 

"We had a jay walker jump in the middle of the road and the car slowed down like any responsible human driver would, waited for the pedestrian to clear the road and then it proceeded," said Ghabra. 

As Fox5 was sitting in the back of the car, Reporter Kyla Galer noticed the car significantly slowed down when it approached a car trying to exit a parking lot and crosswalks. 

New technology comes with its criticism. Aptiv said there's been a handful of incidents involving their cars but claimed none of those crashes were their fault. 

"We've had a couple fender benders where somebody else either hit our car or hit another car and it was very minor because they weren't paying attention."

So when could we see driver-less cars? Aptiv says they aren't in a  rush. 

"This car could probably be driver-less tomorrow but we want to make sure its completely safety tested and validated by an engineering standpoint." 

Ghabra said over the next three to five years expect to see more self-driving cars available through ride-sharing services. 

Aptiv said it's going to be quite some time before the cars are available for private purchase and use.

Fox5 asked how much it costs to build the self-driving cars but Aptiv said it's confidential. 

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