Apartment managers using DNA testing to ID dog poop in the community. (FOX5)

Apartment managers using DNA testing to ID dog poop in the community. (FOX5)

HENDERSON (FOX5) -- Some Las Vegas-area apartments are now using DNA testing to charge dog owners for not cleaning up after their four-legged companions.

At The Well apartments in Henderson, it starts with a cheek swab. DNA is collected from the dog’s mouth, and that’s sent off to a company called PooPrints.

The DNA is then stored in their database until staff at The Well comes across dog poop.

"We take a sample of it. We put it into a liquid that holds the DNA so it can be tested when it's gets shipped. We ship it out to PooPrints and then they match it to or kind of put it against the DNA on file," said The Well property manager Danielle Low.

Low says their goal is to make sure people are cleaning up after their dogs.

If your pooch is found to be the culprit, The Well says they’ll slap you with nearly $400 in fines and fees.

"When you have 396 apartments in one area, that's a lot of people and if 30 percent of them have pets, that's a lot of feces," Low said. "So, we introduced this program, kind of as a deterrent to residents just to help keep our community clean and keep a community that people enjoy.”

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The Mark Price is Right

What about DNA samples of meth tweakers defecating in public places as well?

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