The Animal Foundation has some pigs looking for new homes.

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Joe, Larry, Bruce, they are just part of a group of 15 looking for a new home tonight. They're a little hairy, and a little messy and aren't your typical house pet: they're pot belly pigs. 

"Pigs are just amazing, they have the intelligence of a 3-year-old child," Monique Hanson with The Animal Foundation said. 

The pigs are currently living in someone's backyard because they were dumped by their previous owners. 

"A lot of the pigs are strays that animal control picked up, they are just roaming the streets," Hanson said. Because these animals are smart, they know they weren't wanted. 

"They're bonded to whoever had them before, so now they're just kind of lost," Hanson said. "They're smart enough to know what happened."

The Animal Foundation said it's not unusual for them to get pigs, but it is unusual how many have been dumped recently. They said in the past few months they've had groups of five pigs dropped off. The problem, according to the Animal Foundation, is people who go to purchase micro pigs or teacup pigs when there's no such thing. 

"When piglets are born they are teeny tiny, so people think that's what they're getting," Hanson said. 

Now, The Animal Foundation is up to 15 of these pigs who need a new home or a foster home. 

The Animal Foundation said pigs are smart, loving and kind animals, so they're hoping Las Vegas Valley residents will open their homes and hearts, even if just for a little bit. 

If you are interested in adopting or fostering one of the pigs, contact The Animal Foundation. They do want whoever is fostering the pigs to have an outdoor area for them. 

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