AMR creates new tactical medic team in Las Vegas

An AMR tactical team practices through a training course (FOX5).

Local paramedics are going through new training so they'll be prepared for situations like 1 October.

AMR started a training academy and they have already formed their first team of medics prepared for battle-like conditions.

After 1 October, AMR had the idea that they needed to have teams of medics prepared to go into "hot zones," or battle-like zones. Sixty people applied to be on the tactical medic team. Eight made the cut.

In Friday's training, they had to go through tear gas and smoke-filled sheds. They practiced pulling people out of danger zones and treating wounds. Everything they did was a simulation of something they'd see on a night like 1 October.

“We were all there that night, and in the aftermath, we saw that everything that night was in the hot zone and our standard training as medics and EMTs don't prepare us for us to be in the hot zone,” team member Callie Fraser said. “October 1st was like being on a battlefield. There was no difference. The amount of trauma we saw that night was more than a lot of military members do in their entire career.”

AMR plans to work with law enforcement to pair the team up with swat officers and other teams in intense situations. They will not be armed; however, they will have gas masks and body armor.

AMR’s goal is to hopefully build more of these teams in the next 18 months so that they have enough people that they can disperse whenever there's ever and emergency like 1 October.

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