NORTH LAS VEGAS (FOX5)- A one of a kind robotic Amazon Fulfillment Center opened in North Las Vegas.

"It's our state of the art technology that has increased shipping times for our customers," said Amazon spokesperson Zeshan Kazmi.

Unlike Amazon's other locations in Nevada, North Las Vegas' features Amazon Drive Units. Robotic moving shelves that help employees stow and pick items.

"If you ordered something on amazon or amazon dot com, you press buy essentially what would happen is we would stow the product first onto a robotic shelf- after you click buy then we would pick the item,” said Kazami.

Each item purchased is then placed by employees into yellow tote boxes where its sent to get hand packaged.

Employees hand package everything, working with the Amazon Drive Units doesn't replace jobs at north Las Vegas' location. Instead it works hand in hand with employees to improve workflow.

“Associates are being more efficient while working with the robotics, and are also learning a brand new skill set with using robotics,” said Kazami.

Each robotic Amazon Drive Unit can hold up to 1,500 pound. Most small to medium products found online are fulfilled here.

Amazon's technology helps employees sort and pick which box to use, helps cut tape to seal packages, which helps employees be more efficient when shipping items. 

“It allows ultimately to get more products out the door, and faster shipping to our customers," said Kazami.

With Amazon Prime Day around the corner, this new technology helped open up more delivery windows for customers to receive products quicker.

"We have same day options, we have one hour and two hour options as well... So for nevada this is just another way for us to get packages to our customers even faster," said Kazami.

The North Las Vegas location opened in May of 2019. There's over 1500 full-time hourly employees who pick, pack, and ship orders making $15+ per hour.

Prime Day will start midnight July 15th until July 16th.

Over 19,000 Nevadan authors, small and medium sized businesses, and developers will have their products featured on Prime Day.

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