Allegiant Stadium

Las Vegas Raiders' Allegiant Stadium is seen. (Jason O'Rear)

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- The Raiders' Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas will make history as the first American professional sports venue to open as a cashless venue.

"As part of our ongoing dedication to provide our fans and patrons with a world-class sports and live entertainment experience, and in response to feedback from our most loyal customers, cash will not be accepted as a form of payment at any stadium-controlled parking location or within Allegiant Stadium," the Raiders said in a statement Thursday.

The team said cashless transactions are expected to significantly increase the speed of service, meaning shorter lines, getting fans back to their seats faster. The Raiders added that a survey of their PSL Holders showed that its fans "a huge majority" prefer cashless payment options.

In the statement, the Raiders said fans can pay for items using debit or credit cards, or mobile wallets including Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay.

For fans who only bring cash to the stadium, the venue will have several cash-to-card kiosks positioned throughout the stadium where fans can exchange cash for a pre-paid card that can be used both inside and outside the stadium, according to the release.

The team said that the decision to open as a cashless venue is also in line with recent guidance from the Center for Disease Control, and Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak's leadership in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, as both his Medical Advisory Team and emergency directive urged businesses to adopt contactless payment systems.

Cashless transactions, the team noted, promote the overall health, security, and public safety of their fans and PSL Holders.

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Nevada Sports court offers excellent sporting turf facilities


Sports are nothing more the anti American BLM terrorists that hate America hate white men and make millions of dollar playing a game. Why support the downfall of America?


Not the AFL, Go Collingwood Magpies!


Now they are going to use covid as an excuse to get rid of cash so that every transaction is tracked and monitored which means it then can be taxed. This is the first step in them removing cash as currency.


Disney World already does the same thing with their magic bands and they track everything you do; what you buy, what you ride, and where you are on the property. We should take a page from San Francisco's book. They have banned companies from going cashless in the city.


Allegiant stadium, first cashless and first fanless stadium.


Nah, the first fanless stadium was Jacksonville, but they attract a lot of tarps to the games.

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