LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- A piece of a plane fell out of the sky Thursday and landed in a neighborhood near Craig Road and Las Vegas Boulevard North. 

One woman who lives nearby said it sounded like a bomb. She thinks the panel crashed into her house and then landed feet away from her front door. 

"All these kids out here, they be out here playing ... what if that airplane door would of hit them?" Anthony Pitts said. 

Pitts is thankful the panel hit a house and not a kid. 

Panel of plane falls into North Las Vegas neighborhood

"That was in the air man! That thing was going to kill them!" Pitts said. 

The father said the piece of metal that landed next to where his children play was the size of one of his kids. 

He heard a loud noise when he was walking back from the store Thursday afternoon. 

"I hear a boom, like a thud or something like that," Pitts said. "So I'm thinking maybe someone's shooting or something like that." 

Maria Delgado was inside her house with her friend when she said she heard the big piece of metal crash into their house. 

"I heard like a loud boom! And then I came downstairs and I looked and there it was just like a big piece of metal right there," Delgado said.

"It felt like it bounced from like the roof and then like it slide down and then it hit like the wall," she said. 

And then the sidewalk. 

"I was like, 'Oh, my god, what is this?'" Delgado said. She had no idea what just landed in her front yard.

The woman who lives downstairs called police. 

Soldiers from Nellis Air Force showed up right away. 

"They pick the door up, got it up out of here made sure the aliens was gone," Pitts said. 

No one was hurt, but neighbors said some debris landed on a woman's car and left some damage. 

Nellis AFB said the A-4 aircraft belongs to Draken International.

“An access panel fell off a Draken aircraft this afternoon shortly after departing Nellis AFB on a routine training mission," Draken said in a statement Thursday evening. "Draken, along with our Nellis partners and the FAA, are conducting a thorough investigation to identify the cause. Draken remains focused on safety in every step of maintenance and flight operations. We appreciate the continued support from Nellis and the surrounding communities, and are thankful no one was injured.”

Draken added the investigation is ongoing. It's unclear what happened to the plane. 

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