UPDATE (JUNE 1): On Sunday night, 155 people were arrested during protests for George Floyd on the Las Vegas Strip, according to Las Vegas police. Of those arrested, 148 were cited with misdemeanor charges and seven citizens are facing felony charges. During the night, two officers received minor injuries.

In a release Monday, police outlined procedures for making arrests:

"This past weekend, the LVMPD was confronted with violent protestors who failed to obey several dispersal orders that were given by officers. Those who failed to disperse were arrested with the misdemeanor charges of Failure to Disperse or Provoke Breach of Peace. Once arrested they were transported to CCDC where they were subject to a screening process. The process determines if they qualify for an own recognizance release or if bail is required.

A Fail to Disperse /Provoke Breach of Peace arrest is not a walk-through charge, therefore, every arrestee must go through a booking process. Before being released, every arrestee will be provided a court date."

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- A Black Lives Matter protest in response to the death of George Floyd on the Las Vegas Strip Sunday remained peaceful for several hours before SWAT units used tear gas on protesters. 

0531 STRIP PROTEST CHASE_frame_29107.png

Las Vegas police and demonstrators line the Las Vegas Strip amid protests for George Floyd on Sunday, May 31, 2020.

About 5 p.m., dozens of protesters had gathered near Mandalay Bay on the south end of the Strip. Sunday's demonstration marks the fourth day of protests in Las Vegas as cities across the nation take further precautions including curfews and implementing the National Guard. 

Demonstrations took place at the Las Vegas Strip and Downtown Las Vegas on Sunday, May 31.

By 6 p.m., hundreds had gathered and marched north on Las Vegas Boulevard. Las Vegas police held a line at Reno Avenue to block the protesters. By 7:20 p.m., the group had turned back south on Las Vegas Boulevard. 

About 8:30 p.m., LVMPD and SWAT clashed with the group, leading to SWAT using tear gas on the crowd. Prior to the use of the gas, police had announced a dispersal order. Much of the crowd scattered and police continued to patrol up and down the Strip. 

By 9 p.m., Las Vegas media members and protesters shared on social media they were being shot at with non-lethal rounds from SWAT officers. 

While believed to be rubber bullets, Las Vegas police clarified on Monday that pepperballs were being used:

There have been erroneous reports that the LVMPD has been using rubber bullets on protesters who have not been complying with dispersal orders and who have been engaged in violent acts such as throwing rocks and other objects intended to cause injury. The LVMPD uses a projectile containing an active payload of CS irritant powder. This is a non-lethal projectile made with a thin plastic that breaks upon contact. - Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

At 10:30 p.m., police said activity had mostly calmed down on the Las Vegas Strip. LVMPD Lt. David Gordon said officers were still responding to multiple locations where activity was still happening. He did not specify the locations. 

"Officers are focusing thier efforts on protecting citizens from harm, minimizing property damage and arresting protesters who are engaging in acts of violence/destruction," he said. The situation was ongoing. 

Protests continued in Las Vegas for a fourth night on Sunday.

The Deuce bus route for RTC, which runs up and down Las Vegas Boulevard, was being detoured from Sands Avenue to the South Strip Transfer Terminal. 

A spokesman for Clark County said there was no curfew planned for the Las Vegas Valley "at this time."


 In a press conference at Las Vegas Metropolitan Police headquarters Sunday afternoon, Undersheriff Kevin McMahill said they supported protesters, but could not support items thrown at police or destruction.

"We know there are people who have come here for lawlessness. Fires are not okay, throwing rocks, frozen water bottles, are not okay. We will take those people away so you can continue your peaceful protest," McMahill said. 

"I have yet to speak with a fellow officer that is not appalled by what happened to Mr. George Floyd," he said. 

Pastor Troy Martinez offered a prayer for all affected by Floyd's death, protesters and those viewing the unfolding protests in the country. 

Jon Ponder with Hope 4 Prisoners said the community is broken-hearted. "To respond to violence with further violence only causes more pain," he said.

Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman said Las Vegas needs to "stand as a symbol for what acceptance, equality and family really means."

The mayor called for Las Vegas to be a model for the world, noting the city's diverse population. "This is our home ... Peaceful protest has to take place."

"Hold up the memory of George Floyd and so many others who have passed. It's a tough time but we will get through it," said Ward 5 City Councilman Cedric Crear. 

“The violence that we’ve witnessed across the nation this week is extremely disturbing and antithetical to the justice and understanding that is being sought,” North Las Vegas Councilwoman Pamela Goynes-Brown said in an emailed statement Sunday. “I urge our community and nation, our activists, residents and law enforcement officers, to work together peacefully and productively to further our shared mission of equality and justice for all.”


Downtown Summerlin closed at 4 p.m. on May 31 upon a recommendation from Las Vegas Metropolitan Police, "to help ensure the safety of our guests and employees as Las Vegas prepares for additional protests. Our hearts are with the Las Vegas community at this time."

Social media posts had claimed a protest was planned for the area Sunday evening. By 7:40 p.m., a small group had gathered near the perimeter of Downtown Summerlin.

Several employees of Las Vegas Valley Walmart stores told FOX5 the stores would close early on Sunday, however an associate at a Las Vegas store said "as of yet, we do not know."

"As we continue monitoring the situations unfolding in cities across the country, we will keep our focus on prioritizing the safety of our associates and customers," Walmart said in an official statement. "We’ll make the decisions to close or reopen stores in the area based on the needs of the community."

FOX5 will continue to monitor the situation as it develops on Sunday. Check back for frequent updates. 

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All the rotten low life welfare losers in town !


Long over due for either the National Guard or the Army to move in. The good citizens of Clark County have had it with the destruction, looting, and disruption of our lives from this nonsense. Peaceful is one thing, but when animals start ruling the streets, something is seriously wrong

Comment deleted.
Comment deleted.

You dont even know what antifa are and what they stand for!

Comment deleted.
Comment deleted.

These are sad times. These scum could care less about equality, fairness and hope. After supporting, rebuilding and embracing the city and all within, I fear all the hard work and care was for nothing. Not going to rebuild this again, not worth the effort.

Comment deleted.

There is no COVID- 19. It's a false agenda being used to CONTROL and see how far they can go. If they succeed, BIG BROTHER will then step in and start dictating your every move. Do not fall for this.

Comment deleted.

Thats great, they should all get sick and die miserable deaths- they arent protesting, theyre terrorists.


So where are all the gun toting cowards that were protesting last month at now? Protesting behind keyboards?


Staying home because looting, burning and rioting isn't their thing


Another puss!/ gun owner


We are at home protecting the property we worked to pay for. CUNextTuesday you diluted little troll.


Clearly there is no more need for social distancing or limiting crowds to 50 or less. Yet we hear crickets from the governor telling us those are over. Or is it just selective enforcement at this time?


No church, no group work outs, no swimming pools, no Girl or Boy Scouts. But rioting and looting is just fine with this government. I guess rioting and looting is the cure for COVID-19.... who knew we should have let the seniors loot the Walmart to keep them alive in nursing homes. There is nothing funny about what is going on, these are truly sad times.


clearly the governor isn't ok with it hence why he has released statements telling people not to, and why he is calling in the national guard TONIGHT!

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