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LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- A Las Vegas man is making sure the victims of the 1 October shooting are honored and remembered, so he helped build a memorial for Melissa Ramirez. 

Ramirez’s family has been to Las Vegas a few times since the shooting, and they usually go to the healing garden. Monday was the first time they visited the spot of her new memorial in a parking lot off Haven Street, where Ramirez spent her last moments. 

The same friends that carried Ramirez to that spot during the shooting came back a few days later to leave their friend one last message.

They wrote in Sharpie on a cement bumper. That’s what started Ramirez’s memorial two years ago. 

Now the memorial is a porcelain stone with Ramirez’s picture, name, date and a painting of Minnie Mouse. 

“It was tough to be there but I’m happy because now she has her own spot other than just the healing garden,” said Ramirez’s brother Roberto Ramirez. 

Roberto flew in with his family from California on Sunday. 

“It almost feels like back home a lot of people kind of forgot what happened. It’s awesome to come here because people are still remembering,” said Roberto. 

People Like Eddie Schmitz. He painted over the faded sharpie and helped make the new memorial happen. 

“I couldn’t find anyone in town that did porcelain pictures so I sent, I called a friend up in Utah and I told him the story and he did that for us,” said Schmitz. 

Schmitz has been watching over Ramirez’s memorial since it started on the bumper. 

“Somebody made a little banner for her, it was a little burlap banner with her name on it and it got kinda really cruddy after about a year a half,” he said. 

He watched it grow and kept it clean but wanted something more. 

“I mean, their baby died here.” 

Monday afternoon Ramirez’s family hugged, cried and prayed around her new memorial. 

“It was very difficult to watch but we’ve been talking about this for a long time and they were finally ready today,” said Schmitz. 

“We didn’t ask him to do any of this, they just did it out of their hearts so that’s what’s amazing about it,” said Roberto. 

Roberto wanted visitors to remember the outgoing, unique Melissa Ramirez who loved going to Disneyland and wearing Minnie Mouse ears. 

He also wanted to remember the 57 other people who lost their life that day. 

“Be good, be kind because people need it,” he said. 

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