LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- The CEO of The Smith Center for the Performing Arts announced the return of live programming in an email to season ticket holders on Tuesday.

All performances at The Smith Center were stopped by the pandemic. 

“During the pandemic, we are closed. We are dark. We are completely shut down. The only cash register we have is the one that rings up ticket sales and we have no ticket sales,” The Smith Center President and CEO Myron Martin said in November, while addressing Las Vegas City Council.

The performing arts center cancelled or postponed about 500 shows, furloughed at least two-thirds of its staff, took pay cuts and refunded $20 million worth of tickets.

Smith Center for the Performing Arts

The Smith Center for the Performing Arts in Las Vegas on Nov. 19, 2020. (Cecil Anderson/FOX5)

Now as more people are vaccinated, COVID-19 numbers continue to decline, and local and federal COVID-19 relief funding kicks in, there is renewed hope for the struggling entertainment industry in Las Vegas. 

Martin shared his heart is "filled with joy" to welcome people back in the fall for the 2021-2022 season.

Last year, he told FOX5 that Las Vegas "isn’t going to be the entertainment capital of the world until we can get back to being normal.”

As they prepare to once again lift the curtain, The Smith Center stated in the email the health and safety of the audience, staff and performers is the highest priority. Before ticket purchases, patrons must agree to safety procedures including wearing a face mask at all times, and once inside, you will notice other changes.

“Electrostatic cleaning machines from Clorox that getting in the cracks crevices that's all been done,” Myron told FOX5 last year.

The exact date shows will resume has not yet been announced.

For complete details on The Smith Center's new health and safety protocols, click here.

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