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LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- A Las Vegas casino is doing its part to make sure its guests don’t get behind the wheel drunk. In a unique partnership, Emerald Island Casino in Henderson lets people pay for Lyft rides using slot points.

“The main reason we started this was the inability to get a prompt cab service,” co-founder Tim Brooks said. “People would call and sometimes the wait would be at least an hour or two.”

Slot points can go toward a ride home or a ride to the casino.

“Not a day goes by that we don’t have at least one guest use Lyft,” marketing manager Sandra Parker Burns said. “I did a quick check. Yesterday, I believe there were four rides. Today we’ve already had at least one.”

Through the app or the casino, guests can request a Lyft.

“It puts our guests at the head of the queue so they get really quick service,” Parker Burns said.

Lyft keeps track of those slot points, and at the end of each month Emerald Island picks up the tab.

“We’ve discounted the Lyft program, it’s a wash for us,” Parker Burns said. “We don’t make any profit off of it and it gives our guest a good value.”

“You know you get in there, if you’re winning, you want to drink more, you’re happy, perfect,” Linda Kniess said. “You don’t have to worry and the staff will always tell you, 'When can I get you a Lyft?' It’s amazing.”

Emerald Island started the program a couple years ago. After seeing a string of recent deadly DUI crashes in Las Vegas, the casino said this is the least it can do to make sure its guests get home safely.

“We are always very careful not to over-serve our guests but there are times our guests are either tired or feel they’re not safe to drive,” Parker Burns said.

“When you hear and you read so much about people that make poor decisions, this makes it easy for people to make the right decision,” Brooks said.

“Here on New Year’s Eve, I’ve already planned my Lyft trip because I know I‘m going to be drinking and having a ball,” Kniess said.

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