CHANDLER, Ariz. (Meredith/KTVK) -- Police arrested an Arizona mother who is accused of leaving her infant in a hot car in a Target parking lot.

A good Samaritan, who asked to remain anonymous, said he and another witness spotted the baby crying and sweating in the vehicle Tuesday afternoon outside a Target store in Chandler.

Temperatures had reached 107 degrees in Chandler that day.

The man said he used a tire iron to smash the car window and rescue the infant. He said the child appeared to be OK after being taken out of the car.

"I had a bunch of mixed emotions when it happened, happy for the baby, very grateful for the woman," the man said. "It's just tough to see anything like that when there's a helpless infant in the backseat of a hot car."

Surveillance video showed the baby's mother, 39-year-old Holli Platt, entering the store with three of her other children at 4:08 p.m. About 18 minutes later, the the baby was rescued. 

Platt told officers she "had no intent to leave her child in the vehicle," according to a probable cause statement. 

She was later arrested on child abuse charges, and made her first court appearance Wednesday morning. 

During the hearing, her attorney, Theron Hall, said Platt is a "dedicated stay-at-home mother" who has no prior arrests or convictions. 

"This is the first time ever she's been arrested, no prior misdemeanor, felony, arrest or conviction. She does not use drugs or drink," Hall said. "She is a wonderful, loving mother to all her children. She doesn't let her kids eat junk food. She makes all their lunches to take to school. She has dedicated her life to all her children."

Platt's next court date is set for Aug. 28.

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[scared] So today's generation of millennials can't even count to four ??? I'm not that surprised.


So, the lawyer claims she ''forgot'' the baby? Preposterous. *(If true, it would be indicative of a level of neglect that would contradict any claim that she's a 'great, loving, stay @ home mama). You go to Target to shop. 20 minutes or so later, you STILL haven't 'remembered' that you don't have your baby? Please. Preposterous.

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