LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Nevadans with different backgrounds and immigration histories reacted positively on Tuesday to executive orders signed by President Joe Biden on immigration issues.

This while some GOP leaders have criticized some of the President’s plans.

“I think there’s hope in a way that we haven’t been able to have or see in the last four to five years,” said Natalie Hernandez, who works with Make the Road Nevada. The group advocates for Latinx and working class communities of color.

"We're very encouraged by President Biden and his executive order to strengthen the DACA program," said Ruben Kihuen with the Immigrant Home Foundation.

"It's a relief. It's refreshing and gratitude comes to mind," said naturalized U.S. citizen Evelyn Alvarado.


Biden delivers remarks at The Queen theater in Wilmington, Delaware on January 15.

Biden signed the executive orders in the Oval Office. One creates a task force to reunite children separated from parents. Another will evaluate legal immigration programs. While a third directs the State and Justice Department to review former President Donald Trump’s guidelines and policies.

Some GOP leaders have recently criticized Biden’s immigration reform plans with Fox News quoting Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell saying the Biden administration has “sketched out a massive proposal for blanket amnesty that would gut enforcement of American laws while creating huge new incentives for people to rush here illegally at the same time."

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So, Biden, answer this question. Are we going to STOP the wearing of mask, social distancing,and all that mumbo jumbo because YOU are ALLOWING illegals in? Hmmm? I bet this is your way of FORCING the PANDEMIC to keep on, while other countries are getting on with their lives and living normal lives again. How about that,Biden? Time we do it here too. Do NOT allow for any illegal aliens to cross the border.


So good that you interviewed someone that probably doesn't pay federal taxes.

But have no fear lady. The added mouths will drive help to keep you a low wage earner!


Should be expanding the prisons ,more criminal garbage and problems expected soon ! Unwanted uneducated garbage isn’t welcome! Crime is bad enough!

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