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People vote at a polling place on Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2020, in Las Vegas. (AP Photo/John Locher)

The FOX5 drone gives you an Election Day look at the Arroyo Crossing center where Clark County residents are voting Tuesday.

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Follow FOX5's coverage of Election Day with our liveblog. We have reporters and photographers around the city bringing you the latest details from polling places across the valley.


Heading into November 4, no precincts of Clark County have been officially counted. The morning is expected to bring several key election decisions, including the official call of Nevada and other swing states.

"The main reason why we’re not going to get a full count tonight is because we received mail ballots at all of our vote centers, so those boxes that you see behind me are not surrender ballots. Those are voter mail ballots. So tomorrow my staff will be going through all of those boxes and begin the process of review," said Clark County Registrar of Voters Joe Gloria late Tuesday night. 

Stay tuned with FOX5 on air and online for developments. 

10:48 P.M.

RACE CALL: Republican Mark Amodei wins reelection to U.S. House in Nevada's 2nd Congressional District.

RACE CALL: Democrat Dina Titus wins reelection to U.S. House in Nevada’s 1st Congressional District.

I am humbled to have once again earned the support of my constituents. Representing District 1 in Washington is the honor of my life. Southern Nevadans are hurting badly right now and I will do everything in my power to provide relief.

Las Vegas is a resilient city. We have proven that before and together we will prove it once again.

Despite the difficult circumstances, I am optimistic for Southern Nevada’s future. I will fight each day to deliver the necessary resources to get the virus under control, bring jobs back, make smart investments in infrastructure, expand access to quality and affordable health care, and address gun violence and the climate change crisis.

9:35 P.M.

The polls are closed and the votes are in -- now, it's time to count the ballots in Clark County.

Results are starting to show for Nevada. As of now, results are coming in from Lyon and Churchill counties. 

To view results, click here.

9:10 P.M.

All voters in line in Nevada have now voted. The first Nevada election results are dropping in a few minutes. 

8:57 P.M.

8:36 P.M.

8:56 P.M.


Workers at the Clark County Election Department on Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2020.

Materials from the 125 voting centers are coming in to the Clark County Elections Department.

These materials include cartridges that hold the votes from voting machines. Dan Kulin with the county says the only votes that will be counted tonight were cast on a machine today. Paper ballots will be counted tomorrow. Results you see tonight are unofficial.

Results will not be official until November 16. Kulin says votes will be recieved and counted until then.

7:40 P.M.

7:32 P.M.


People are slowly trickling in. I’m told more people will show once all the polls close. A few people got in front of the podium and spoke to the crowd. Mainly thanking people for coming out tonight and crediting them if Trump wins. Michael McDonald talked about the lawsuit briefly. There will be a silent auction to raise money for the Republican Party. 

7:16 P.M.


Trump supporters gather for a GOP Watch Party at the South Point on Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2020.

7:07 P.M.


Voters wait in long lines at the Blue Diamond Crossing polling location on Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2020.

6:30 P.M.

At the Centennial Center in the Northwest part of the Las Vegas valley, the crowd’s been steady in size for the past two hours with lines of about 80 currently. Voters tell us the process was “easy,” other than the wait, which one voter estimates is currently about one hour and 45 minutes.

Many of the voters we’ve spoken to say they’re voting for the first time today.

6:25 P.M.


6:21 P.M.


3,000 people RSVP’d for the watch party but only 250 will be allowed to attend due to social distance requirements.

People began lining up to enter around 5:45.

Nevada Republican Party president Michael J. McDonald said his party and the Trump campaign filed a lawsuit against the Clark County Registrar of voters.

He said delays at polling places forced some voters to leave for work and as a result they were not able to vote.

Clark County registrar denied request to extend polling hours.

NV GOP filed lawsuit. Judge ruled in favor of GOP. 

6:16 P.M.

Election Day turnout numbers
  • 71,617 in person as of 2 p.m. statewide
  • 46,138 of those in Clark County

6:15 P.M.

According to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, no arrests or citations have been made at polling places within their jurisdiction.

6:14 P.M.

6:07 P.M.

6:00 P.M.

Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak speaks at the NV Dems Watch Party. 

5:45 P.M.

"I definitely feel like I’m going to be voting every single time now just with how easy it is," first-time voter Lida Valle said.

5:05 P.M.


NV GOP gathers for an Election Night Watch Party on Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2020.

4:42 P.M.

The FOX5 drone gives you an Election Day look at the Arroyo Crossing center where Clark County residents are voting Tuesday.

4:32 P.M.

Voters gather outside the Galleria Mall polling place.


Voters are active at the Galleria Mall in Henderson, Nevada on Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2020.

4:30 P.M.


Poll workers still report seeing some common mistakes including not signing the envelope.

4:16 P.M.

Voters at John C. Bass Elementary school said they waited no longer than 20 minutes to cast their vote.

There were 20 machines available and several volunteers on hand to help move the line along as quickly as possible.

Moments after a voter finished, volunteers quickly sanitized the machine he/she was using.

Distance markers were in place in the parking lot to stop voter intimidation.

A man driving a truck with a Trump flag was asked to move behind the distance marke

3:50 P.M.

3:13 P.M.

2:52 P.M. 

"I do have regrets cause I know that’s something very important to this country for every citizen to come out and vote and I just never really thought about it that way," Eric Hindman said. "And now I think every citizen should."

Take a look inside the Clark County Election Department, where ballots are counted in Southern Nevada.

2:47 P.M.


A first time voter said he has shifted his mindset about voting and expressed that no one should be afraid to vote. Lines are about 15 people long at all times.


Voters gather at the Centennial Center polling center in Las Vegas on Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2020.

2:06 P.M.

People are driving up to drop off their mail-in ballots at the Clark County Election Department, but a voter left when she found out she can’t actually vote here.

2:05 P.M.

1:43 P.M.

9:15 A.M.

Poll workers are telling voters waiting in line that kiosks are back up and running however, the line is still pretty slow and growing longer. Cox Communications has no reports of outages.

Some locations, like John C. Bass Elementary School in Las Vegas, saw small wait times to vote on Election Day.

8:35 A.M.

At the MacDonald Ranch Community Center, a frustrated voter left the line due to machine issues. According to poll workers, the problems can be attributed to a machine "glitch." About 2-3 kiosks were experiencing issues. Workers are sending some voters to alternate locations with less of a wait.

All of the voting machines are working, but the kiosks that are used prior to sending voters into booths are causing the delays.

If you've experienced any kind of voter intimidation this election, you can report it to the Election Protection Hotline.

8:15 A.M.

The line here at Downtown Summerlin is moving fast. It’s definitely a nice, steady flow. There’s no technical problems here that I am aware of, but I will be speaking again to a team leader working soon! But overall the line is moving fast. Current vote count here is: 173.


Voters wait in line at Downtown Summerlin on Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2020.

7:41 A.M.

Although polling locations in Clark County were expected to open at 7 a.m., the opening of some sites has been delayed as the locations experienced "technical problems."

According to a tweet from the Nevada Elections department, "several" polling locations in Clark County did not open at 7 a.m. due to "technical problems."

The department urged those waiting in line to please be patient, adding, "the sites will open soon."

Issues were reported at Sun City MacDonald Ranch Community Center, Guinn Middle School and Cadwallader Middle School.

The Secretary of State's Office did not return comment on Tuesday morning.

7:19 A.M.

The ballot drop off is now open at the Clark County Election HQ in North Las Vegas. As of 7 a.m., 56 people have dropped of ballots at HQ. Walk-up and drive-thru options are also available.

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It's called CHEATING by our krappy governor.


This is so typical of Sissylack and the left, hoping that voters will give up and leave without voting.

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