LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- North Las Vegas Mayor John Lee on Monday will launch his gubernatorial campaign for 2022 as a Republican, challenging Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak.

Lee, 65, will be running as a Republican following a party switch in April. The campaign will officially be announced on Monday morning with a video.

John J. Lee

FILE - This May 23, 2011 file photo shows, former Nevada Sen. John Lee, D-North Las Vegas, at work on the Senate floor at the Legislature in Carson City, Nev. (AP Photo/Cathleen Allison, File)

“I’m proud to kick off my campaign for Governor of Nevada, because Nevadans deserve a leader who will put Nevada values first, not the liberal, radical agenda we see today from Steve Sisolak,” said Lee in a statement to media on Sunday night. “I will stand up for the constitutional rights of Nevadans everywhere, and will focus on embracing small government, defending free speech, protecting unborn life, and supporting the right to bear arms.”

Lee's statement said he left the Democratic party because it "embraced socialism, adopted radical policies, and turned its back on Nevada’s middle class and working families." He said Nevada's leadership is "nonexistent" and that Sisolak has "mismanaged" Nevada's economy. 

Gov. Sisolak's re-election campaign didn't directly address Lee's candidacy in a statement.

"After leading Nevada through the pandemic, Governor Sisolak is completely focused on re-opening Nevada's economy, putting shots in arms, and bigger paychecks in workers' pockets," campaign spokesperson Jim Ferrence said.

Lee was first elected mayor of North Las Vegas in 2013 and was reelected in 2017. His term ends in 2022. Lee also previously served on the Nevada Legislature.

Lee and his wife Marilyn live in North Las Vegas and have seven children and 30 grandchildren. They are active members in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, his statement said. 

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(7) comments


Hopefully he’s seeing the horrible mess sizelscum & these other liberals have been and has a better attitude to running the state ! Maybe Carolyn Goodman will follow his changing party,thinking she’s disappointed as well !


Yes, the voting integrity issue has to be addressed. We also need other Republican candidate choices. They're hard to come by.


Unless they change the voting methods ( ballot harvesting, mail in ballots) Sisolak will get a second term. How many times did we try to get rid of Harry Reid.


Dingy Harry old school liberal Democrat sure was worthless unamerican loser!


While almost anything is better then Sisspiss, This clown is nothing more then a RINO.


At this point, I would vote for a box of used cat-litter before ever voting for another democrat. And this is coming from a one-time Bill Clinton and Obama voter. (I'm an indie.)


I'll definitely give him consideration. Sisolak is a train wreck.

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