LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Several new laws go into effect in Nevada on Jan. 1.

Senate Bill 251 would require a primary care doctor to provide screening for the BRCA gene or refer someone for genetic counseling or testing.

Assembly Bill 196 helps new mothers and their child. it requires lactation rooms in courthouses, with some exceptions.

Assembly Bill 321 makes Nevada one of the few states to adopt a permanent vote by mail system. The bill requires all county and city clerks to send every active registered voter a mail ballot before a primary or general election.

Assembly Bill 286 bans the sale and possession of firearms that do not have serial numbers. The new law for 2022 does not include guns made before 1969 or antique guns. There are other some exemptions.

Assembly Bill 280 aims to make public restrooms as inclusive as possible to any gender identity. It would require public single-stall restrooms to be listed as an “all-gender bathroom” or an “all accessible bathroom.” The bill does not require businesses to change the existing facilities.

Public safety groups pushed for Assembly Bill 118, which requires children remain rear facing in a child safety seat until age two or older. And would add a minimum height requirement, rather than weight, for children younger than six to reach before they transition from booster seat to a seat belt.

Legislature Special Session

The Supreme Court of Nevada building is seen on the ninth day of the 31st Special Session of the Legislature in Carson City, Nev., on Thursday, July 16, 2020. (David Calvert/The Nevada Independent via AP, Pool)

Assembly Bill 116 decriminalizes minor traffic violations. The bill's intent was to end arrests and jail for people who can't afford to pay a minor traffic ticket. However, that doesn’t go into place Jan. 20 through 23.

Senate Bill 114 allows certain food establishments to produce and sell food and beverages that contain hemp products.

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