Gun sales have surged in Southern Nevada ahead of the election.

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Gun sales are soaring ahead of the election.

“I think people are nervous,” said Dallas Greene, owner of Gun Shop Las Vegas near St. Rose Parkway and Eastern Avenue. 

He said sales are up 1,000% compared to last year. They started to spike around the beginning of the pandemic. 

“The last month it’s been through the roof,” Greene said.

Customers aren’t buying just one gun.

“Some people came in a few days ago and they came just to get one gun but they left with three. Another family came in, he bought two guns, brought his dad back and they bought 15 guns. So luckily we had them,” said Greene.

“This year’s been a little different than any other year,” Jared Templin said.

Templin owns Controlled Pair Munitions near Cheyenne Avenue and Buffalo Drive. He agreed with Greene.

“We just cleared out a whole bunch of Glocks, a whole bunch of other handguns. Obviously election has something to do with that,” Templin said.

Both owners said it’s a mix of buyers.

“It’s not just driven to one side or the other,” Templin said.

“They’re more nervous about what’s going to happen on either side. It’s not democratic or republican,” Greene said.

Whatever their politics may be, it’s a lot of first-time gun buyers.

“Single mothers coming in, women are coming in every day actually. Don’t know nothing about guns, want to get a gun,” Greene said.

Small Arms Analytics & Forecasting estimates 1.9 million firearms were sold in October, a 65% increase from the year before.

Greene said conceal carry classes and permits have sky-rocketed too.

Neither gun shop is taking any extra precautions on Election Day.

“I’m not expecting nothing to happen,” Green said.

Gun Shop Las Vegas already has some safety measures in place.

“I have the polls in front of my shop so cars can’t come through the windows. I have bars and rows here.”

“We thought about doing different types of precautions, just depends how the day goes on,” Templin said.

Both owners said since they’re not located downtown or on the strip, they’re not as concerned.

“We just hope everybody has a safe election day and everybody just ties to stay sane through the craziness,” Templin said.

Both owners expect the record number of sales to carry through Election Day and most likely the rest of this year.

It has caused some shortages though. They said some guns and ammo are hard to find right now.

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