LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- One year after a violent mob stormed the US Capitol, more than 700 people have been arrested by federal prosecutors including 3 men in Nevada. One year since the January 6 attack, FOX5 takes a look back at those arrests and the firsthand accounts of Nevada lawmakers who were there. 

“We all saw it. I lived it on January 6th… It was an insurrection,” said Nevada Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto who was there that day.

FOX5 talked to Congresswoman Susie Lee on the phone while she sheltered in place. Lee said, “Right now, I think a lot of us are in shock.” Later in the night in a Zoom interview she told FOX5, “We were evacuated. There were suspicious devices found on the Capitol complex.”

Congressman Steven Horsford was also there.

“A woman died in the US Capitol in the hall, draped in a Trump flag, no one deserves to die in protest,” Horsford asserted.

Investigators say Josiah Kenyon, of Winnemucca, tried to smash a window at the Capitol. They also say he threatened law enforcement with makeshift weapons and threw a pylon at them.

Nate DeGrave, who called himself the King of Las Vegas on social media, also was a Trump supporter who stormed the Capitol building, according to the FBI. They say he forcibly got past exterior barricades and law enforcement officers to breach the Capitol and wrestled past more officers and eventually managed to enter the gallery.

Ronald Sandlin was taken into custody outside DeGrave’s Las Vegas apartment. According to the FBI, surveillance video shows Sandlin engaged in a shoving match with Capitol police officers. The FBI also shared a picture they claim shows Sandlin smoking marijuana once inside.

“There were people coming to prevent me and other senators from hearing out really an administrative function recognizing electoral votes to then declare the winner of the presidential race and they were trying to prevent that and we can't forget that,” Cortez Masto added.

Five people died either shortly before, during, or following the Capitol riots. More than 100 officers were assaulted.

On Thursday, President Joe Biden will address what happened one year later. FOX5 will carry it live at 6 a.m.

Justice Department charges 2 men alleged to have marched with Proud Boys on January 6 and led charge at US Capitol

Federal prosecutors have accused two men of having ties to a Proud Boys leader and being among the first to breach the police line near the US Capitol on January 6.

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