LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- When FOX5 visited Todd’s Unique Dining ahead of Thanksgiving 2020, the restaurant business was in a different place.

Ahead of the holiday, Todd’s and other restaurants were told they’d have to drop their capacity to just 25%. It was a big hit for small restaurants like the Henderson steak and seafood spot.

"We've already lost November, and with this directive going until December 15, I've already lost most of my Christmas parties, so, I don't know what we're going do," owner Todd Clore said in 2020.

Clore, like many restaurant owners, was in a tough spot this time last year.

Now a year removed, more customers are coming in and more tables are set. Todd’s Unique Dining has still kept some coronavirus precautions to make customers feel more comfortable in the small restaurant.

"We're just leaving it a little more spread out. Keeping tables separate not having people as close as they used to be," he said.

However, behind the scenes, Clore said staffing is still challenging. The restaurant is looking to fill a couple spots, and around the holiday’s workers are in need more than ever.

The National Restaurant Association’s midyear report showed three of four restaurant's biggest challenge is recruiting and retention.

 "I'm seeing a lot of people that want to come in,” Clore said. “They come and talk to you and then you can't get ahold of them again, or they don't show up on the first day when you're expecting them."

Clore suggested some of the no shows are people that want to remain on unemployment. He said even the ending of the enhanced unemployment hasn’t solved the staffing issue.

Todd's Unique Dining

"This is the restaurant business. It’s not always glamorous, it’s not always easy but this is what we love. This is what we do," Clore said.

Clore said if they can add more staff it would be possible to seat more people.

The restaurant is already sold out for Thanksgiving. Clore said it’s clear the business is in better shape than this time last year.


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