LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Beginning Sunday, May 2, the Nevada Department of Employment, Training and Rehabilitation are requiring a "good faith" effort from Nevadans receiving aid.

DETR is reinstating the pre-pandemic work search requirement for those receiving unemployment benefits in both the regular unemployment insurance and the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance. 

Claimants will have to keep records that they are actively looking for work or participating in an approved training program. 

DETR listed "work search activities" that could count toward the requirements. They include logging into and searching for jobs within their database, build or update a resume, or submit a resume to an open position.

Management at Henderson Pet Resort said applicants need to be held accountable for what happens after they apply.

Emilee McCall, operations manager for the dog boarding and day care center, said filling open positions continues to be a problem. 

Who's hiring? These companies

“What we’re seeing is that eight out of 10 don’t show up for their interviews. They’re just not following through with the process with coming in for an interview or if they are hired, they don’t show up to the first day," McCall said.

She said DETR should require more than just a click to a apply.

"It’s easy for them to you know keep track of who’s applying on websites such as Indeed, however, they’re not seeing what’s happening after the applicant hit’s that button on their computer. It becomes a little bit of a wasted time for us as employers each week," McCall said. 


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Hey liberal reporters, I have a great idea for a story. You guys should try investigating how many millions of dollars are going to unemployment scammers! The Nevada liberal state government is flushing tens of millions down the drain to these no good SOBs. I personally know of dozens of high earners who never were unemployed having their identities stolen. Nevada unemployment only gives employers to days to respond to verification letters. And many requests are received five days after the scammers have been paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Pay attention, DETR, people are NOT really looking for work. There are jobs, and companies are so motivated to hire people. But to be hired and not even show up for a new job?? Time to turn off the freebie spigot.

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