Carolyn Goodman speaks to FOX5 on Thursday, April 16, 2020. 

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- The city of Las Vegas is hurting and what used to be a mecca for conventions, sports and entertainment has now "stopped dead," due to closures expedited by the coronavirus pandemic, Mayor Carolyn Goodman told FOX5 Thursday.

The Goodmans have been in the valley since the 60s. To witness a thriving economy built on tourism suffer "more than breaks" Goodman's heart, she said.



Unemployment numbers are staggering. During Nevada Gov. Sisolak's April 14 address, he said at least 300,000 Nevadans had filed for unemployment claims.  Nationally, $350 billion in small business availability loans were depleted.

"It's a very, very sad look," Goodman said of empty streets and silent casinos.


The reaction to COVID-19 serves as a callback to Goodman's childhood, she said.

Born in 1939, Goodman was a bystander to the polio outbreak of the early 1950s.

"It was there and no one understood it," Goodman said.

The Center for Disease Control outlined the history of polio as follows:

"Parents were frightened to let their children go outside, especially in the summer when the virus seemed to peak.

Travel and commerce between affected cities were sometimes restricted."

According to the CDC, the U.S. has been polio-free since 1979 thanks to vaccines created in the decades prior.

"The fear was consuming the entire country. It was everywhere," Goodman said. "Since then, we've had virus after virus; we've never shut down."

In Las Vegas, all nonessential businesses shuttered following a gubernatorial directive March 17. This Friday, a month will have passed since the closure news shook the valley.


Goodman believes the abundance of caution Nevada has taken is misguided, as there is no crystal ball-evidence to suggest when it's "safe" to reopen.

"We know what we have built here, all of us together," Goodman said. "All we ask is please give us the opportunity to get back to work ... to earn an honest dollar and be able to support our grandparents, and support our parents and support our children."

"Please open us up," Goodman said in a please to Gov. Sisolak. "Let's go forward. Do it now. Give (them) an opportunity to earn a living" because there is no guarantee of when a vaccine will be developed or the virus under control.


She detailed the plight of the community by recounting heartbreaking phone calls and stories of families barely scraping by. For Las Vegas, hospitality is the lifeblood of the town. Goodman cited security detail, housekeepers, maintenance workers, etc. as "the very heart beat" of every property in Las Vegas.

"Give us the right to live our lives," Goodman said. "Let Las Vegas come back to be the convention and hospitality center that is is."

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(15) comments


i wouldnt expect people getting free money to safely spend on beer and cheetos safely in grocery stores and 711s to oppose a shut down despite construction safely continuing all over the place.

Voz de Razon

Mayor Goodman, I'm an Independent who leans conservative but I would not hesitate to cast my ballot for you. You've shown yourself to be a clear thinker and not one to overreact like our current bloviator in Carson City.

The "virus" might hit a few random people. But the economy hits EVERYONE!!


Mayor Goodman get him. This is insanity and he has lost his mind. The other night Dr. Phil stated clearly on Fox News network that more people die in auto accidents each year than by this flu virus - and that’s what it is - a flu virus. Everyone forgets about tamiflu and valtrex which are both anti-viral’s that should be used to prevent and treat this type of virus. It’s time everyone gets back to work and I fully support your position on this. Awesome job! Thank you again for being a voice of reason and not insanity.

Voz de Razon

Great points!!!


It's altogether horrifying that some in our community completely ignore the severity of this pandemic and seem downright unconcerned about the pain and suffering it has caused the 153,822 families of those who have died thus far. "Liberate us" they insist, seemingly unaware or unconcerned that infectious disease experts caution this to be a recipe for far more death and suffering.

Folks, infectious disease experts are precisely the people we need to be listening to at a time like this. That's what they do. Donald Trump and Carolyn Goodman - and Steve Sisolak for that matter - don't have the expertise to know when it will be safe to reopen, but current medical advice is to socially distance, conduct broad testing and quarantining, and perform contact tracing when infections occur.

What the Carolyn Goodmans and Donald Trumps of the world seem to advocate is let's do none of that and see what happens. After all, if people get infected and die it probably won't be them. Instead, it will be people like my elderly parents or my co-worker's 4-year old nephew who, as of right now, is on a ventilator because he was born with an underlying health issue and was thus susceptible to serious complications when he contracted this coronavirus. But who cares about those people, right? Because neither Donald Trump nor Carolyn Goodman know them so it isn't "real." It's a hoax, eh? Tell that to the families of the dead.

No one is advocating to be shut down forever. But those with education in and experience with infectious diseases are saying that we need to employ testing, social distancing, and contact tracing. Let's get those tests that Mr. Trump promised anyone could get (except that very few actually do) and move forward once we have at least some idea of who is infected. Please, stop the selfishness and utter buffoonery of demanding that we return to work without having anything in place to monitor and treat the resurgence of cases which is sure to happen. Not everything is only about you. Sometimes we all need to band together and sacrifice for the greater good.


Let us educate you, Mayor. Back in November 2019 - January 2020, our president was warned by the World Health Organization. What you are seeing now, the economic detriment this has, unfortunately, caused ends at the White House - that buck stops right there. Where Governors are left to fend off for themselves, competing with each other, and the federal government at the same time. Where Republican senators negotiated that their big donor restaurants could find their loopholes and take all the money from PPP from small business owners like myself and many here.

You missed the bus, the economic loss is and was out the door a long time ago since our 'leader' decided to just blame everyone except himself. We will need to endure, we will need to stay shut until it's safe to do so, especially, in such a tourism-centric town such as ours. You must stop your nonsense, stop bickering with your own. Accept the reality and help us all get through this in a productive manner. Where have you been in mobilizing help? Masks? PPE? Care for the vulnerable? Where have you been on those? Please, just shut your bickering way down. It's embarrassing to see us in the news because of your greedy and inaccurate remarks. Help, don't hurt.

Voz de Razon



Carolyn Goodman is so right. Small businesses (or one Sisolak doesn't like) should be able to open and practice social distancing.


If we are to open LIFE back up again, I don't think we need to continue with the social BS distancing.

Voz de Razon

Michele, you are so right!!

People are acting like from one day to the next, the human race lost every bit of natural defenses. They seem to think we are now essentially all advanced AIDS patients, unable to fight anything off.

It's mind boggling. A flu is not the Angel of Death. The USC study out today shows that at least half of us have already had it asymptomatically. Sisolak is just not ready to give up his power rush. All in the name of "protecting" us from something we've already fought off.

Voz de Razon

Got that right!


Finally a political voice of reason! Thank you Carolyn Goodman!


are you kidding me...., escuse my language, but she seems senile to me, who put her in the office?, she makes a bad image to this great city...

omg, we are doomed in vegas with this mayor!

Mr. Sisolak please save us, thank god you are the governor during this pandemic, some people get to important jobs in the comunity and have no clue how to do their job they been elected for... "for the people!"

btw,... Trump tower is shut down... makes no profit for a few months....

so should we put the money before people lifes ?


Be a doll, keep your head buried under that sand. Sisolak is going to be VOTED OUT .

Voz de Razon

The "virus" might hit a few random people. The economy hits EVERYBODY!

Check out the USC study from today. Odds are better than good that you've already had the virus. Sisolak is "protecting" us from something you've likely already recovered from without even knowing you had it.

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