LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Clark County health officials want the public to know that any personal information given by Nevadans during a COVID-19 vaccination is secure and federally protected. 

This is the information the Southern Nevada Health District will require upon a visit to a public site: name, address, age, birthday and basic demographic information. All information is protected by HIPPA, or federal privacy laws, according to SNHD. 

The vaccine rollout and civil unrest is keeping the National Guard busy after an 'unprecedented' 2020

Spc. Madalyn Stella, combat medic, 197th Field Artillery Brigade, administers a Covid-19 vaccination to Stacy Gillis, a civilian paramedic, December 29 in Exeter, New Hampshire.

"It's accessible to the individual only, and their healthcare providers," said JoAnn Rupiper, director of clinical services. 

The information must be reported to state database Nevada WebIZ, which gives Nevadans access to their immunization records.

Doctors can access the records, according to the Department of Health and Human Services website. "Over 1,600 public and private authorized organizations in over 3,300 locations, including medical practices, hospitals, local health authorities, school districts, and child care facilities, have access to view, add, and/or update immunization information for Nevada’s communities," the site says.

The information on doses administered is reported to the CDC.  

Employers cannot request your vaccine information from health authorities, SNHD said, but employers might ask workers for vaccination records directly if required.

State officials also said they want to assure people that undocumented immigrants are protected and can be vaccinated. 

“Nevada’s privacy laws do not allow the Nevada State Immunization Program to share personally identifiable information with the federal government, only with the authorized groups as outlined in Nevada Administrative Code,” said Richard Whitley, director of DHHS, in a press release. 

“The program is only sharing aggregate, de-identified information regarding numbers of doses administered in Nevada to meet the federal reporting requirements.”

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