Under Nevada's three week "pause," wedding will be required to go from 250 people to 50 or fewer.

LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- Prior to Governor Steve Sisolak's announcement this weekend of new restrictions, 250 Nevadans were allowed to publicly gather.

Now, that number is 50 people maximum -- or 25% of fire code capacity, whichever is less. The new restriction is further complicating things for some Las Vegas couples who have been looking to wed this year.

"It hasn't been a year without weddings. Weddings have still happened, they've just been adjusted," said wedding planner Brittany Pfeffer. She is the owner of Symphony Weddings and Events.

Pfeffer said we're at the point in the pandemic where local venues that want to continue have figured out the way to do it safely.

But there's just one problem: more Nevada COVID-19 cases means fewer wedding guests.

For one couple who was getting their marriage license on Monday, their love is certain, but their ceremony is not.

"We'll have [a ceremony] at a chapel, but we will have one, like, later on down the lines, because the pandemic has come and we don't know if we can have family and friends, or how many people we can have in there," said the bride.

It's situations like this that have wedding planners like Pfeffer a bit concerned, since she said "booking season" is Thanksgiving to Valentine's Day, and that 90% of all of her business comes in this time window.

"I'm worried that we're going to see a little bit of decline in that booking time, just because of that uneasiness and the furthering of the restrictions."

But another couple on Monday said they're not letting any restrictions stop them.

"We never made plans, just because we didn't want to change them, and we're not big planners, so it was easier just to elope at the last minute," said another local bride-to-be.

Pfeffer said if you want to elope too, "there are some incredible places" in the Las Vegas Valley to do just that.

She said her team at Symphony Weddings and Events has about 30 Southern Nevada locations you can choose from, including on the Strip.

"Bellagio -- you can have an amazing elopement in front of the fountains," said Pfeffer.

For now, the weddings just have to be 50 people or fewer. Still, Pfeffer's looking on the bright side.

"If elopements and micro-weddings are the only things that are gonna be happening for a little bit, [Las Vegas] is where I'd want to be to do it."

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